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Thomas Verny, Father of Prenatal Psychology

Prenatal psychology is an area of psychology that looks at the psychological changes that women go through from conception to postpartum. If you're going to better understand your fears and anxieties during pregnancy then I think understanding prenatal psychology is...

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7 signs of a woman with tokophobia

How to tell if you know a woman with tokophobia Tokophobia is the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth. It’s not very well known and yet it can affect a lot of women. This extreme or pathological fear of birth is estimated to affect between 4 and 43% of women. 14% is...

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The Maternal Brain, with Jodi Pawluski

Today's podcast is all about the maternal brain and the neuroscience of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting. A few months back I shared an article about the maternal brain on my Facebook page and it went a bit nuts. It's since been shared over 40 times which is...

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We’re #2 in a list of Top Pregnancy & Birth Podcast

Wow! I'm proper chuffed! I’ve just found out that the Fear Free Childbirth podcast has been named at number 2 in a list of the top birth and pregnancy podcasts. So I thought I’d bring out this old pic. I got a bit carried away on this photoshoot - this happens to me a...

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Pregnancy Body Changes

Worrying about pregnancy body changes is something most pregnant women worry about. Whether it's the expected changes in the shape of your body as pregnancy progresses, to the least expected changes that might happen as a result of birth complications - and everything...

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Preparing for Motherhood, with Sophie Brigstocke

In today's podcast episode I'm honoured to be joined by Sophie Brigstocke. Sophie won Doula of the Year in 2017, so this is a real treat - my second Doula of the Year guest! As well as being a doula, Sophie also runs Nurturing Birth where she trains doulas alongside...

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Fearless Birthing

The Fear Free Childbirth podcast is back! After a year off, I'm back... lots of great episodes coming too! In this episode, I talk about my new book, Fearless Birthing. I get lots of emails asking what reading people should do, well, my answer to that is simple: my...

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Breastfeeding, with Cindy Leclerc

Breastfeeding is not something you might expect to do your research on while pregnant, but there is certainly a lot of value in preparing yourself as much as you can while you have the time and space to do so. When your little one arrives you'll thank yourself for...

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Essential Steps of Birth Preparation

Birth preparation is a huge part of preparing for a positive birth. Lots of women don't appreciate why doing birth preparation is so important with many leaving it last minute. The truth is if you want to stack the odds in your favour when it comes to having a...

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Conscious Conception and Pregnancy, with Jane Jennings

I'm a huge fan of conscious conception and pregnancy and I believe that taking a conscious and deliberate approach to your journey from pregnancy to motherhood is the gold standard to aim for. But I also know that not everyone has got that memo and simply don't get...

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Gentle C-Section, with OB, Andy Simm

Caesareans are often feared by women going into birth, but there's a new trend coming through that could hope to reduce that somewhat. The gentle c-section otherwise known as the natural caesarean is a much softer approach than the usual surgical ritual. To help...

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The Psychology of Pregnancy, with Leah Butler-Smith

The psychology of pregnancy doesn't often get discussed and I don't know why, so today I'm remedying that. Pregnancy and the journey of motherhood are such a huge time of change that it's no wonder that there are psychological implications. The thing is, we don't...

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A tokophobia birth story; Cee Fee’s Positive Birth

Today I'm sharing a fabulous positive birth story on the podcast. It's fabulous because it's positive and empowering birth, obviously. But also because it's a tokophobia birth story. I'm joined today by Cee Fee Dunn who admits to being completely terrified of...

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Essential Oils in Pregnancy, with Amber Duncan

Using essential oils in pregnancy can be a bit of a minefield. There is so much confusion as to what you can and can't use that it can be stressful. So I knew I had to do an episode on it! To help me tackle this subject, I'm being joined by Amber Duncan, who is a...

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Recurrent Miscarriage, with Naava Carman

Today on the podcast I'm tackling yet another important - but not talked enough about - topic; the recurrent miscarriage. Baby loss is taboo enough as it is, but recurrent miscarriage is even more so, and neither should be. To help me, I'm joined by Naava Carman, who...

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Being pregnant with PTSD

This week it's maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week here in the UK and to honour it, I'm delighted to be talking to Susanne Grant about being pregnant with PTSD, birth trauma or baby loss. Not long ago Susanne found herself pregnant with PTSD as a result of...

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How to have a happy birth, with Beverley Turner

On today's podcast I'm joined by journalist and radio presenter (and now best-selling author!) Beverley Turner. Bev is also the lady behind The Happy Birth Club ante-natal classes that are run out of a pub in Chiswick, London. I first heard Bev speak at the IMUK...

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Save the midwife

It's time for a rallying cry "Save the midwife!". I've talked about this already on the podcast, but this week, I'm giving it focus. Save the midwife is a campaign that needs support and not just here in the UK, and not just by midwives. This is a family issue that...

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Pregnancy as a rite of passage, with Charlotte Kanyi

Our pregnancy journey has the potential to be one of the most transformative and expansive periods in our lives, and I don't just mean in terms of our body! The opportunity for personal growth is huge, and yet this important rite of passage is not always widely...

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Taking responsibility for your birth

In today's episode I want to talk about taking responsibility and share with you something that happened to me last week that was a huge wake-up call. It's not exactly birth related but it is ... [spp-player] Last week I had a minor op. I thought it would be this no...

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I just wanted to send along a message letting you know that I am absolutely loving your podcast! I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my first child and I eagerly anticipate a new podcast each week. The positivity is exactly what I was looking for and need to hear on this journey. You are providing such a wonderful gift to mums to be. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Keep up the great work you are doing and know that it is not going unappreciated.


I am loving your website & podcasts! I am on maternity leave (due end Aug or should I say early September? Prob more accurate!) & have just discovered you. Have been listening to multiple podcasts each day whilst walking, cooking etc & they are all brilliant & informative. I have been doing active birth & yoga classes in preparation since around 3 months & have a doula but your fearless birth is brilliant concept.


I just wanted to say that I found your podcast a few weeks ago and I have just really enjoyed listening to your shows! I love how comforting and empowering they are and how they help me feel like “YES, I CAN DO THIS!!”. They are very informative and each show has something different and valuable to offer. So thank you for doing this!