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Hello, I’m Alexia!

I’ve helped thousands of women all over the world to lose the fear and have empowering birth experiences.

I want to help you too so that you feel calm and excited about birth.

I’ve developed a DIY Fear Clearance technique that is FAST and POTENT.

It’s easy to use which means that you can approach pregnancy and birth FEAR FREE.

Use it on your fears, stresses and anxieties to feel strong and empowered on your journey to motherhood.

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I work with women all over the world to help them to activate their inner power and resilience.

I support women in overcoming their deep-rooted fears and traumas so that they can live fearlessly.

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9 Steps To A Fearless Birth is my most popular download.

Discover the essential 9 steps that will help you prepare for your positive, fear-free birth.

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Calculate a more realistic due date based on science

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Fearless Birthing is my unique approach to clearing your fears.

It involves uses Head Trash Clearance to clear your fears and it works. FAST!

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Do you suffer from tokophobia and don’t know what to do?

In my FREE email series, I share the 5 ways you can overcome tokophobia, the extreme fear of pregnancy & birth.

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