This site will help you to enjoy a stress free pregnancy and prepare for a fear free birth. 


As a woman today, you can’t look anywhere without coming across something or someone telling you what a nightmare childbirth is; painful, traumatic, dramatic, horrific… you name it. No wonder so many women are fearful of birth!

If you’re pregnant, it’s even worse because people will actually make an effort to let you know how awful it is because they think it will “prepare” you. Well I’d like to offer you a different type of preparation. I’d like to shine a light on the other aspects of birth so that you can see the whole picture and decide for yourself.

This site is the home of my Fear Free Childbirth + Motherhood Show podcast and is a melting pot of information about pregnancy and birth. You can listen to real mamas sharing their positive birth stories, birthing experts sharing their wisdom and me sharing ways that you can reduce your stress and fear around birth. There are lots of resources – free and paid – to help you on your fearless birthing journey so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to your birth.

Sound good?

I’ve just started listening to your fabulous podcast. I’m learning so much and I appreciate all of the knowledge and resources I’ve gained from your podcast. I’ve heard so many horror stories from friends about their labor experiences which made me apprehensive and a tad terrified.

After listening to all of the positive stories on your show I’ve actually become excited to give birth and I’ve become empowered that my body can actually do the things it does!

Thank you!!!


I want to thank you for creating such an amazing podcast. I recently found it and have been devouring the episodes. I love the variety of topics and the honesty with which topics are addressed. Hubby and I are in preconception preparation and silly though it may seem I already spend time daily chatting with our unconceived child and telling them how amazing our pregnancy and birth is going to be.

I have nothing but the utmost support for the message you are sharing with the world and hope that more women are exposed to the idea that birth can be beautiful, amazing and pain free.


I’m an avid listener of the podcast! I have listened to all of your podcasts, many of them multiple times! I feel like you have been such an important part of my pregancy, though you don’t know me a bit! I think the work you’re doing is so valuable and so important. I’m very much looking forward to my birthing time, and am feeling stronger, more trusting, and more confident than ever before.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk about the side of birth that nobody ever talks about – how wonderful and amazing it is!


My story…

Hello…my name’s Alexia and once upon a time I used to be the type of person that hated being around kids. I had absolutely no maternal instincts whatsoever and even though I thought that one day I may want kids, I could never really imagine myself WITH kids. For a while I could rationalise that now wasn’t the right time because I had this career that I was building blah blah blah. But time was ticking on. And at some point I would have to make a call; did I or didn’t I want to have kids?

And then I got pregnant.

I FREAKED! To put it mildly.

It hit me like a kick in the stomach. The best way to describe my reaction was utter shock, mixed in with a massive dose of fear and terror. Shock because it wasn’t planned; fear and terror because the whole idea of being pregnant was utterly terrifying, especially the giving birth bit. I went on to lose the baby in my first trimester and even though the loss was unbearable, a tiny part of me was relieved. I knew then that I had some head trash to resolve; this wasn’t a healthy maternal response. I later found out that I had this thing called tokophobia; an extreme fear of birth.

This kick-started an obsession in me to sort my head out and figure out why the idea of pregnancy, birth and motherhood freaked me out so much. At the time I was training in some new therapeutic techniques so I decided to practice on the mess in my head. In the year that followed, I made brilliant progress and was noticeably less anxious and stressed; a calmer, more confident version of me was slowly stepping forward.

Then I got pregnant again.

This time it was different. Instead of being this completely terrifying thing, it was now a mixed up bag of joy, happiness, terror and fear. I realised that I did actually want to be a mother, but I still had loads of unresolved crap to deal with on the pregnancy and birth front. And now, it was all showing up!

My first trimester was chaotic as I bounced between feeling happy at the thought of being a mother, but totally freaking out at what stood between me and holding a baby. I decided early on to opt for hospital birth with plenty of drugs and have a C-section as my plan B. But that was not to happen.

Things took a turn one day on one of my therapy training courses when we were asked about our fears. I didn’t hold back and shared all my childbirth fears. Looking back I realise how lucky I was to be in such a supportive environment. Not only was I among a group of people who could actually help me overcome my fears, but someone on the course mentioned that birth didn’t have to be painful and that it could actually be pleasurable. I didn’t believe her at first. I’d worked out that my fear of pain was one of my biggest fears around birth. She told me to check out hypnobirthing, which I did.

My research into hypnobirthing was a welcome education and importantly, I learned the link between fear and pain during birth; fear creates pain in the context of childbirth. This led me to one conclusion; if I cleared all my fears, then I wouldn’t experience pain and it would all be OK. And so began my next intense phase of head trash clearance. I approached this like my life depended on it, because on some level that’s what I felt, and I spent my second trimester meticulously working through all of my fears and clearing them one-by-one. It took a while, let me tell you! By month seven of my pregnancy, I decided to ditch the hospital birth idea and have a natural, home birth. My childbirth fears had completely melted away and I was finally in a place whereby I could truly embrace my pregnancy and my upcoming birth. I was a different person.

I remember the day my waters broke and realising that this was it; I was about to meet my baby. I was so excited for what lay ahead. My home birth was beautiful, painless and magical, and lasted just under six hours.

When the time came around for me to be pregnant again, things were different. In the intervening years, I built my therapy business and worked on simplifying the therapeutic technique I used so that anyone could use it, not just the therapy professionals. I called this the Head Trash Clearance Method and started a podcast The Head Trash Show to help people to use it to clear their head trash.

When I found out I was pregnant again, I was curious to see what state my fears would be in; was I still fear-free? Well, yes I was, at least from the fears I had before. But life was different and I was older (geriatric actually!), so I was subjected to lots of fear-based messages from health care professionals. Now I had loads of new fears; could I repeat my first birth experience? What if I have complications? What if the first time was a fluke and this time it hurts? This forced me to put on my fear-clearance gloves once more. I was still a total pain wus and I was determined to avoid the kind of birth you see on TV.

Thankfully, as well as being a lot more experienced at clearing head trash, I’d also learned a load of new therapies and techniques for healing the mind and body, so I had some new stuff to add to the mix to help me too.

So, what happened?

I did it again. And this time it was even better. The birth of my second daughter was pretty magical. And yes, it was pain free. In fact it was better than pain-free; I felt euphoria, which I was NOT expecting! I was delighted; my first childbirth wasn’t a fluke and I knew that my approach actually works.

When word got out about my journey from fearful to fearless, I started being approached by pregnant women asking me how I did it. I didn’t realise how many women were actually so fearful about birth. I thought I was the weird one! It got to the point where I decided that it would be easier and quicker to write a book than to reply to all the emails I was getting. The book led to the Fear Free Childbirth podcast as I couldn’t wait to finish the book to get word out. I quickly realised that not all women can afford the one-to-one time needed to help them move past this, so I created other ways to help them. The Fearless Birthing Academy is my online programme that helps women to work through their fears and prepare for their positive birth experience, and my collection of Fearless Birthing Meditations are audio clearance sessions that tackle specific pregnancy and childbirth fears.

Today, in addition to working one-to-one with women, I also train birth professionals in Fearless Birthing so that they can help women in their community too.

Professional Qualifications

Reflective Repatterning (RR) Advanced Therapist & Authorised Trainer

Havening Therapist

Psy-Tap Therapist

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Therapist

Tapas Accupressure Technique (TAT) Therapist

Diploma in Personal Performance CoachingDistinction.

“I would like to thank you for all the inspiration, motivation and commitment. I have thoroughly enjoyed the advice given in both podcasts and video formats.

It has become my ‘go to’ for guidance and support while on my pregnancy journey.”