If I had to sum up my philosophy on life and indeed all those important aspects of life, I’d say it would be all about living consciously. So I was thrilled when Natasha, the host of the Conscious Living Podcast, approached me so that she could share her positive birth story on the podcast.

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Natasha has a Master’s degree in Psychology and works in Child and Family Therapy, so she has a solid understanding of the role that our minds can play in life, and therefore our birth experience. The minute she found out she was pregnant, Natasha applied her conscious living philosophy so that she could enjoy a conscious pregnancy with a very clear intention of experiencing a positive birth experience.

conscious pregnancy

When I asked Natasha how she would describe conscious living, this is what she said “Conscious living is being aware; of why we do the things we do, and how that impacts the people around us and the world at large”.

For me, no event in life warrants a conscious approach more than the arrival of a new human being and our transition into our lives as parents. Our behaviour as a pregnant woman, and then as mother, has such far reaching impact that I believe it is our duty to take our role seriously and think about how we want to shape the future we’re creating. remember, this is not just our future but that of another little person who is helpless and reliant on us as its creator.

“Everything we do during pregnancy and during labour sets us up for how we will parent”

Choosing a conscious pregnancy

If you’d like your pregnancy to be as close as possible to being a conscious pregnancy, then listening to Natasha will certainly set you on the right track that’s for sure! During our chat Natasha shares so much wisdom and learnings that I felt compelled to jot loads of these down and share them with you right here. Of course, to get the full picture, you’re better off hearing her tell the full story, but here’s a flavour…

Set boundaries particularly with other women sharing their negative birth stories. In a polite yet firm manner let them know that “unless this is a good story, I’d prefer not to hear it”. The unconscious mind will absorb all this negativity, so don’t let it near you.

Train your mind to support you and not hinder you. Natasha chose to change her default mental response of “what if everything goes wrong” to “what if everything goes right”.

Get clear on what you want to achieve and set out to achieve it. For Natasha this meant having a team around her that she trusted to respect her wishes and desires. Her doula and midwife were crucial in helping her and her husband stay present and free from anxiety during the birth.

Don’t fill your mind with things that cause you anxiety. For Natasha this meant not being informed of her numbers during birth; her dilation at various points during labour. She wanted to stay connected to her body and her baby.

“I believe a huge piece of my successful birth was just not knowing my numbers and just trusting my body, my baby and my midwife.”

As I said above, to get the full flavour of Natasha’s concsious pregnancy journey, listening to the podcast will hit the spot! I hope you enjoy it.


About Natasha

Natasha Grey has a Master’s degree in Psychology with an expertise in Child and Family Therapy. She is the co-author of the children’s book, Everyday Superheroes, and is the host of the Conscious Living Podcast. She focuses her time and energy on wellbeing and wholeness that includes mind, body and spirit.
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