What’s the ONE thing that a pregnant woman is never short of?

Let me tell you… hearing nightmare birth stories. Other women are only too happy to share their personal negative birth stories with anyone who’ll listen. I get that, and to be honest, they need to do that. A negative birth experience can be hugely traumatic and mums that have had difficult births are rarely offered support to deal with their birth emotionally. And so their only outlet is to share it with other women. This in itself is not a problem, the problem lies when they choose to share their story with a pregnant woman, especially a first time mum. In sharing a negative birth story with a first time mum they are unknowingly (and unintentionally I’m sure) planting small seeds of fear each time. And this only serves to increase the liklihood that the new mum will have a difficult birth. Why? Because fear is the root cause of problematic births in healthy women.

To be perfectly honest, the LAST thing a pregnant woman needs to hear is a negative birth story… instead what she needs to hear is a positive birth story. Unfortunately, a positive birth story rarely gets the same kind of airtime. I know from my personal experience, that other women are not particularly imtersted in hearing positive birth story. No let me correct myself… other mums. Women who have yet to have a baby LOVE hearing them – it inspires them! But women who have given birth tend to not want to hear… and this is probably down to their own personal birth experiences. If those birth experiences were painful or traumatic, then hearing a positive birth story can bring forth many difficult emotions that they are struggling to deal with and process, so they’d rather not listen.

Do you have a positive birth story to share?

One thing that I’ve heard time and time again is that pregnant women want to be able read about other women’s positive birth stories. These stories inspire them and give them hope that childbirth is not to be feared. So if you have a positive birth story that you would like to share to inspire others, then please get in touch. I’d love to showcase your story here and create a resource for parents to be (that’s Dads too!) to help them look forward to a fear free childbirth. Whether you want to write your story as a guest blog post, send me a video or be interviewed on the podcast, get in touch to let me know.

Submit your positive birth story here

I’ve created a form that you can use to submit your story. Once you’ve filled it in, I will get in touch to let you know when it will be published.

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Of course, if you just want to send me a guest blog post or a video, then don’t hold back! The more the better.. whatever is easiest for you.


Thank you!


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