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Meditation is widely known for its fabulous benefits and many people swear by it for helping them get through life. It’s known to help calm down negative emotions like stress and anxiety as well as t help promote feelings of calmness and resilience. So it’s no surprise that it can help you during your pregnancy journey and to help you prepare for a positive birth experience. But actually it can help you beyond the birth; it can also help you to prepare for motherhood. In using your pregnancy journey as an opportunity to look in the mirror and address the things in yourself that you would rather not pass on to your little one, you’re taking your first important steps as a conscious parent. A conscious parent is one who takes conscious and deliberate steps to become mores self aware so that they don’t

Pregnancy Meditation

To help me explore all of this, in today’s podcast I chat to Toni Fraser Brennand who is a pregnancy meditation teacher and helps women adopt a meditation practice during their pregancy. Toni came across meditation during a tough time in her life and quickly decided that what she wanted to do was to help pregnant women use this valuable practice to enrich their pregnancy, birth and mothering experience.

During our chat, Toni shares

  • how she became a pregnancy meditation teacher
  • how she uses meditation
  • her pregnancy journey
  • what her pregnancy meditation practice involves
  • her positive birth story, that didn’t go as planned, but why this was perfect for her
  • how her pregnancy meditation practice has helped her in her mothering
  • why she thinks it’s important to undertake a some self reflection and personal growth in preparing to be a mama

and lots more!

You can find Toni here on Twitter, on Facebook and, when her website is live, you can find her here.

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