For Dads

Preparing your mindset for birth

Getting into the right mindset for birth is something that is often talked about. We're often hearing people say "Birth is mind over matter" and that's because it's true! So I wanted to dig a bit deeper into understanding what a great mindset for birth was and I've a...

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Home birth; bravery has NOTHING to do with it!

Childbirth is often compared to running a marathon and for good reason. The physical and emotional demands are not dissimilar. A recent study showed that childbirth put an equivalent level of stress and trauma on the body as running a marathon. So I thought I’d take...

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Preparing for Parenthood, with Elly Taylor

Preparing for parenthood is not always at the top of the list when preparing for birth. When it comes to fears that can crop up around childbirth, there’s one aspect that isn’t always obvious and is often overlooked. I say “overlooked” because I’m...

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Coping with a miscarriage, With Susie Gower

Today’s episode is inspired by a listener Amanda. Amanda started listening to the podcast right at the beginning of her pregnancy and she emailed me to let me know how much she was enjoying listening to it....

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Birthing for blokes, interview with Mark Harris, midwife

Today's podcast is not just for pregnant mammas; it's for the dads-to-be too! Well, let's not forget that dads have fears too and if we are to prepare for a fear free birth, then we need to help dads to clear their fears too. If dad can be well prepared and fear free...

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5 reasons why your baby wants a natural birth

We often hear why we should be considering natural birth, but usually this is positioned as something to consider from the mother's perspective. But that's not what I want to talk about here. Instead, I'd like to offer up reasons why we should be thinking about a...

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