Top Pregnancy and Birth Podcast

Wow! I’m proper chuffed! I’ve just found out that the Fear Free Childbirth podcast has been named at number 2 in a list of the top birth and pregnancy podcasts.

So I thought I’d bring out this old pic. I got a bit carried away on this photoshoot – this happens to me a lot! – and I’ve not had much chance to use this pic. But today feels like I could just about get away with using it – what do you think?

Top Pregnancy and Birth Podcast

The full list includes some brilliant pregnancy and birth podcasts so I feel pretty honoured to have made it so far up the list. Here’s the top 5:

  1. The Birth Hour
  2. Fear Free Childbirth <<< that’s me!
  3. Pregnancy Podcast
  4. Informed Pregnancy Podcast
  5. The Birthful Podcast


And I get to use this….

I even get to use this lovely rosette to show that I really did make it into a list of the top pregnancy and birth podcasts on the PLANET no less!


Pregnancy Podcasts

To read the full list visit here.

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