One of the things I love about doing my Fear Free Childbirth podcast is that I get to interview all sorts of amazing birthing experts. I’ve been fortunate to speak with so many, people like Sophie Fletcher, the best-selling author of Mindful Hypnobirthing, Mark Harris, the best selling author of Men, Love & Birth, Jacqui Blue, the director of the Beautiful Births documentary and so many more!

There was one particular interview I was looking forward to and that was with Toni Harman. Toni is the British film-maker and author behind the films DOULA and Microbirth, and the book Microbiome. I asked Toni if I could see her film before our chat so of course she offered to send me a DVD. But she also said that I could watch it for free on FMTV. I had never heard of it.

What is FMTV?


Food Matters TV is a paid portal that specialises in documentaries relating to health and wellbeing and it is crammed with AMAZING films on all sorts of topics from yoga, juicing and essential oils, to the cancer and pharma conspiracies. In their words “It’s like Netflix for health”. The great thing is that you get the first month free so if you want you can binge-watch a load of brilliant films FOR FREE. That was my plan anyhow. So I told Toni, not to bother sending the DVD, I’d watch it on FMTV.

Well that didn’t exactly work out as I’d hoped!

When I joined I went through all the films and added the ones I wanted to watch to my Watch Later list.  By the time I finished i had a list of over 20 films! There was no way I was going to be able to watch all those in one month; I was screwed! So, yes, I was hooked and I’m now a paid subscriber.

But that aside. FMTV have got a whole section on Pregnancy and Birth. So not only can you watch Toni’s film Microbirth, but there’s also Ricky Lake’s The Business of Being Born which is considered to be a classic when when it comes to birth documentaries. You also get access to loads of interviews with famous birth experts such as Ina May Gaskin and Professor Hannah Dahlen.

So, if you want to undertake some top class pregnancy and birth education then you could do a lot worse than heading over to FMTV and binge-watching the pregnancy and birth stuff in your first free month. But, to be honest, there’s so much more there that the annual subscription of $99 is totally worth it.

You’re welcome!

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Alexia also trains birth professionals in the Fearless Birthing, a unique approach to birth preparation that is ideal for those who have fears around birth.
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