“I really enjoyed reading this book. I especially loved learning about the fear-clearance technique. I am a mental health professional and really enjoyed exploring alternatives to traditional therapies in order to overcome fears. I’ve done one fear clearing since reading the book and was amazed at the response I got. I can’t wait to be able to do more clearings in order to prepare for my upcoming birth.”



“Fearless Birthing is a must read for all mums-to-be who are looking to create a positive mindset for their birth. Alongside Alexia’s work on her podcast and website, this book details a unique method of clearing fears in preparation for childbirth. It is easy to read and to follow along with the clearance method and also provides a lot of background info on the technique. Alexia’s work has helped me immensely in my birth preparation – truly a fantastic guide!”


“Fearless Birthing demonstrates how to harness the power of your mind to improve your pregnancy and birth. Alexia guides you on ridding your mind of the conscious and sub-conscious negative patterns [‘head trash’] not serving you and appreciates that big or small, clearing them will reduce your overall stress levels. Alexia’s ultimate goal for you is a positive birthing experience that you will fondly remember always, and she shows you multiple ways to achieve this.”


Find out more about Fearless Birthing

When you think of your childbirth, does it fill you with joy at finally getting to see your precious child?

Of course. That’s how it should be!

But if you’re honest, there’s some anxiety and fear mixed in with that joy, right?

You know what? That’s perfectly normal.

EVERY mother is worried about the physical discomfort, not to mention something going “wrong” during delivery.

Author Alexia Leachman felt the same way.

That is, until she discovered those fears and anxieties could be managed using a simple yet powerfully effective technique to kiss those negative feelings goodbye.

She was so excited to share what she’d learned, she started a podcast called Fear Free Childbirth. It’s helped thousands of mothers with their childbirth experience… as well as be nominated for an award.

Her listeners clamoured for a book… and here it is!

Fearless Birthing: Clear Your Fears for a Positive Birth is your essential road map to confront and conquer the fears that stand between you and motherhood.

Leachman’s unique “Fear-Clearance Method” is the tool you need to mentally and emotionally prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy.

By discovering how to manage and master your fears, you’ll turn all your “what if’s” into a triumphant “I GOT THIS!”

In Fearless Birthing, you’ll discover:

  • The two types of fear surrounding childbirth and how to manage them like an expert
  • How to approach your pregnancy with intentional mindfulness
  • Why your due date can be a huge source of stress, and how to avoid it
  • The 5-step Head Trash Clearance Method,” which you can use to kiss your fears and stresses goodbye
  • How to prepare for birth so that YOU’RE in charge of your feelings, no matter the outcome

Fearless Birthing is a must-have guide for expectant mothers. If you like step-by-step instructions, no-nonsense advice from a leading expert that ANYONE can follow, and access to a wealth of online resources, then you’ll love this book.

Get Fearless Birthing today and break through the barriers between you and your bundle of joy!