Fear Release

If you’re looking for support in releasing your pregnancy and birth fears, then you’re in the right place. My fear release sessions are entirely focussed on just that; helping you to free yourself of your fears so that you can look forward to your birth and enjoy your pregnancy.

fear release

This is how I’d like to help you …

The ultimate aim with my fear release sessions is to work with you so that you can free yourself of your fear in preparation for your birth. These sessions can be used for both of you, to ensure that dad can approach birth fear free too. During my fear release sessions, we can work together to;

  • Explore your fears to better understand what they are
  • Clear the fears that we identify
  • Identify any experiences you’ve had that might be contributing to your fears
  • Reduce the emotional impact any previous experiences might be having on your life today

I can also help you both to master the fear release technique so that you can use it during birth in case any fears crop up on the day. I used this a lot during my first birth and credit it with potentially preventing my natural home birth turning into a dramatic and scary hospital birth. It’s a useful tool to know!

Working Together

It’s difficult for me to predict how much time we would need to work together without knowing more about you; we are all coming from such unique places when it comes to our emotions around pregnancy and birth. But one thing you can be sure of is this; I want you to feel completely empowered both in the lead up to and during your birth. This is why I’ll do what I can to help you to master the fear release technique for yourself.

As part of our work together, I can teach you how to clear your own fears, so that you are able to do some of the clearance work yourself. This will reduce the number of sessions we would need. It really depends on how much support you would like from me. You can also choose to use some of my Fearless Birthing Meditations to help you with some of the fear release work. If you have a lot of fears, then don’t worry, once you book three sessions, you have immediate access to ALL of my Fearless Birthing Meditations so this means that you get to do a lot of fear release if that’s what you need (with out spending a fortune!).

Here are the two ways that we can work together;

Fearless Birthing Academy

The Fearless Birthing Academy is an online programme that walks you through the fear clearance process. It’s a collection of master classes that include things like videos, audio sessions and PDFs that are designed to teach you how to identify and clear your fears.

Find out more about the Fearless Birthing Academy

Private Fear Release Sessions

If you prefer, you can choose to work privately with me. A typical fear release session lasts around 90 minutes depending on when we reach a suitable stop point.

These sessions take place over the phone or via Skype.

When you book a session you will receive some session prep work which I will review prior to our session and use to plan our time together.

1 session £199

You're interested in working with me? Great! I'd love that!

Perhaps you’d prefer a chat first to be super sure. No problem!

I totally understand. (This is important stuff).

I want you to do the right thing for you and your family.

I refuse to work any other way. (I have standards too!)

If you’re serious about overcoming your fears and know that you can’t do that alone, book yourself a call with me – we can figure out your next step, together.

Whether that’s with me, or somebody else. (It’s ok, I can handle it!)

Let’s have a chat!

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