Fearless Birthing

Clear your fears for a positive birth‚Äč

  • Discover the two types of fear that exist around birth, and how to deal with each one
  • Learn how to clear your fears STEP-by-STEP
  • Uncover the lies you've been fed around birth and the truths you need to embrace instead
  • Find out how your due date contributes to your stress and how to avoid it
  • Learn how to reduce your pregnancy-related stressors, and boost your emotional wellbeing
  • Find out how to prepare yourself emotionally to reduce your chances of experiencing trauma


Prepare for your fearless birth and approach your birth with confidence

Using your method I worked through each fear. By the time I was done working through them I no longer felt this deep rooted fear that engulfed my mind and body. Instead I felt light. I could acknowledge the previous fear without any associated emotion. It became the same as making any generic statement such as "I'm going to wear white socks today".

I didn't have to set aside hours upon hours to work through my fears; when a fear popped up I spent about 5-10mins clearing it & the fear was gone. It was incredibly empowering to know I could successfully rid myself of a fear in such a short period of time.

As my birth approached I felt at peace and excited to meet my daughter. With my fears cleared I knew I could handle anything that came my way.

Max's mama