Fearless Birthing

Fearless Birthing is a birth preparation approach that is entirely focused on helping the mother (and the father) to clear their fears so that they can approach birth fear free. A fearless mama will be much better able to stay present and connected to her body and her baby during labour. By developing her emotional resilience before birth, she is also much better placed to respond flexibly to the demands of labour, and so improve the chances of her having an empowering and positive birth experience.

The technique at the heart of Fearless Birthing offers a direct and focused fear-clearance action that works deeply and quickly to clear fears from the mind and body. In removing the mental distractions and helping the mama develop trust in her body’s ability to birth her baby, the power of the birthing body can be allowed to take over.

Fearless Birthing works deeply and effectively to clear fears, anxieties and traumas. And it’s so quick that it can even be used in between contractions!

Fearless Birthing Professional Training

Birth is a powerful event that can affect us deeply. As in life, it can reveal beauty and brutality in equal measures. Holding the space for women to birth beautifully requires us to bring so much of ourselves in each moment. But if we don’t look after ourselves, eventually we will run out of “us” to give.

It is for this reason that our Fearless Birthing Professional Training starts by helping you to overcome your own unresolved traumas and fears around birth. We begin by teaching you to use our technique on yourself;

  1. When you have walked the path yourself, you’re much better able to show others the way.
  2. Being lighter in terms of your own baggage will help you to better serve your clients and hold the space when the time comes.
  3. You’re better able to look after your own emotional wellbeing, whether that’s after a difficult experience or while you’re in the middle of a challenging experience.

This is why we’ve decided to split our training into two parts (2 x 2 days = 4 days in total).

  • Part 1 is all about you: you can’t truly help others if you don’t start with yourself.
  • Part 2 is all about others.; applying what you’ve learnt to help others.

Part 1: All about you

The first half of our training is entirely focused on you. During our two days together you will…

  • Learn how to identify and unpick your own head trash (negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, unresolved traumas, limiting beliefs etc).
  • Understand the nature of head trash and where it all comes from so that you can more easily identify the things that stop you from being at your best.
  • Be able to think more calmly and clearly about things that normally get you emotional, stressed, upset or irrational.
  • Learn the basics of our clearance method so that you can begin to master your emotional wellbeing.
  • Build a strong foundation of emotional resilience and emotional mastery that will be with you forever.
  • Learn how to identify and eliminate your own personal triggers that get you stressed, wound up or upset.
  • Be able to get rid of your unresolved fears and phobias so that you can finally do the stuff you want or need to.
  • Get plenty of practice in so that you feel confident in using our clearance method on yourself before you need to think about using it on others.

Why we pause between trainings

We then take a break before moving onto part 2 of our training and we’ve done this to;

  • Give you a chance to solidify what you’ve learnt and have a chance to practice
  • Allow you the time to experience, process and enjoy the shifts that will happen as part of the head trash clearance work before we crank things up a level.
  • Give you time to become confident in using our clearance method at a basic level before we start introducing the more advanced aspects.

Our goal is to help you to become a the best birthing professional you can be. This takes time, practise and work, and it cannot be rushed. We want you to be as best as possible at this because, quite frankly, the world will be a better place if more women can epxerience fearless, positive and empowering births. But for that to happen, those people supporting her need to be exceptional at what they do. And we’re committed to you being exceptional. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Part 2: All about helping others

When you come back for part 2 of the training, over the course of two days you will learn;

  • How to uncover the deeper issues and emotional patterns that are responsible for stress, anxiety and fear.
  • Why the other therapies are limited to only clearing up to 10% of an emotional issue, and why our clearance method can clear up 100% of it.
  • How to resolve trauma and deep-rooted fears in your clients.
  • How to elicit and unpick the issues that need work and the specific sequence they want to be treated in.
  • How to use self-muscle tests and dowsing to help you gauge when an emotional issue is healed.
  • How to work blindly with your clients (without the need for story or the client re-traumatising themselves by talking about it).
  • How understanding the Law of Opposites can reveal a whole new way working with your clients.
  • How to assist your clients in changing beliefs that are limiting them quickly and respectfully.
  • How to work with your clients to relieve traumas, fears and phobias quickly and elegantly.
  • How to talk with the body to help your clients resolve suppressed problems.
  • How to adapt our clearance method to use during labour and birth.

If you are already trained in other therapies or modalities, then what you will learn on this course will integrate powerfully to your current work and can add an extra level of effectiveness to create outstanding results with your clients. The technique you will learn is the turbo boost that improves the efficacy of other modalities such as NLP, hypnosis, TFT or EFT. If you haven’t trained in any other techniques, then this technique is a stand-alone therapy in its own right. Many practtioners now choose to just use this as their way of helping their clients due to its depth and flexibility. For those suffering from complex trauma it is considered by trauma therapists to be the most effective therapy that is currently available.

Why train with us?

We want to make the decision to train with us easy and a no-brainer. When you commit to training with us, we commit to you and your success.

Community Support

Every attendee of our training benefits from the community of other professionals who have been trained with us to. This means that your Fearless Birthing tribe can help you with any questions that crop up on your learning journey.

Access to Online Resources

All attendees of our courses also have access to online resources that support our live training. This means that you can revisit our content time and time again to refresh yourself. No worrying about where you put your training manual or the notepad with all your notes!

It’s fun!

Our traininings are fun and light-hearted. Just because we take our work seriously doesn’t mean we can have fun while doing it!

This course was both challenging and fun. Alexia’s ability to make a process simplified really helps. For me, as a psychotherapist it gives me a tool in my bag to work with pre and post natal issues, as well as being used in conjunction with other tools to diminish the impact of emotional issues. Lesley Carter

Psychotherapist, Hypnobirthing Practitioner

How much?


This includes;

  • 4 days of training
  • all course materials
  • access to online resources
  • community support
  • nutritious lunch during our trainings

Dates & Locations

Midlands, UK:

January 21st & 22nd + February 18th & 19th 2017

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On this course, Alexia shares the most powerful therapeutic tool that exists today in a both practical and relaxed way that just works. Too often I’ve seen how delegates can come away feeling overwhelmed with what they’ve learned and then struggle to use it on themselves or in their practise. The purpose of training is to train and Alexia breaks it down into simple steps, enabling attendees of her course to use these tools to bring about seismic changes in themselves and others.

It’s great to see such a powerful technique being delivered in this clear and easily learnable way. The atmosphere on her course is fun and light-hearted which is brilliant; just because we’re working on serious stuff doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! I’d recommend Alexia’s course to anyone who is committed to helping others achieve powerful change in their lives.

Shaun Hopkins

Trauma Therapist & Trainer

What you’l learn on this course is vastly creative, has extraordinary potential and unlimited applications even for the busy medical, psychological or family person. Julie-Anne Mullan

Pregnancy & Birth Therapist

This course is life-changing and will benefit anyone, whether a professional, a partner, a parent or for ourselves. It can dramatically help our growth. Heidi Haden-Pierce

Doula, Childbirth Educator, Birth Photographer