Join me in some fear clearance to get ready for birth

I have my online course that teaches you how to clear your fears and prepare for birth, but I wanted to come up with a group thing.

When I’ve run Head Trash Clearance groups they’ve worked really well, so I wanted to bring this idea over to my birth work and try it out.

If you want to clear your fears, but need some help then this is for you.

Fearless Mama Fear Clearance Group

A group of pregnant mamas all coming together to clear their fears together, with help from me!

We will get together for a month of fear clearance (and other lovely birth prep stuff).

What’s it all about?

Every week we will have a group video call where I will offer you guidance and answer your questions. You will also get the chance to share where you’re at and get support from everyone in the group. In between calls you can ask questions inside the private Facebook group.

Everyone who joins the group will receive a copy of my book which includes the head trash clearance method, which you can use to clear your fears, stresses and anxieties. I’ll drop into the group with extra videos to help you depending on what questions come up.

By the end of the month, you will have dealt with all your stresses and fears and will be feeling fearless and ready for the birth. 

By the way… You don’t have to be pregnant to join the group, perhaps you’re planning to be pregnant and want to tackle your fears nice and early. That’s fine too!

When does it start?

The first meeting will be during the week commencing June 25th, so we’ll be kicking things off nice and soon. The video calls will be once a week for four weeks.

How will it work?

Once everyone has signed up, I’ll check where people are based and then pick a time that will suit the most people. If you can’t make the weekly call for whatever reason, there will be replays so that you can catch up.

You will have access to a private Facebook group that will be only for members of the Group Fear Clearance where you will be able to post questions and get support in between the weekly calls. If you’re not on Facebook, then you can simply send an email to my team and we will get back to you.

What’s included?

  • Your own digital copy of my book, Fearless Birthing – this includes all the fear-clearance instructions (and so much more!)
  • 4 x weekly group calls and the recordings
  • Choice of 2 fear-clearance meditations (worth £25)
  • One month of support from me in the private Facebook group


How much?

only £99 (approx $130)

Alexia’s programs are worth every cent as I learnt techniques and methods, which I practised with one-on-one support from Alexia, that both removed my fear and help sustain me mentally and physically during a very long and challenging birth. 

I came away from my birth feeling empowered in my femininity with a newfound and surprising deep respect for my body. 


Optional Extras

Choose from some optional extras to take this work deeper.

Your Personalised Fear Clearance List

Some people struggle to figure out what their fears are. They know they have “birth fears” but can’t quite figure out what the individual fears are. If this is you, don’t worry.

I can prepare you your very own personalised fear clearance list.

For me to do that, you would need to fill out the form I use with my clients to plan our work together. This document asks for information about you and how you’re feeling and what’s going on for you. From this, I’m able to review what you’ve written and identify the things you need to work on. The more information you provide me with, the better.

Having a personalised clearance list will make your fear-clearance so much easier for you. All you will need to do is to work through your list one-by-one.

£50 Personalised Fear-Clearance List

To get your personalised fear-clearance list, just choose the correct option at checkout.

Fearless Birthing Academy Online Course

Not a big fan of following instructions in a book? Need more? Prefer video and having A LOT more information and guidance?

Buy the Fearless Birthing Academy at the same time and save £100.

The Fearless Birthing Academy is my online course that will help you to prepare for a fearless birth. It’s packed with videos, audios, PDF downloads and more to help you to prepare for your birth. You can find out more about it here.

Combining the Fearless Birthing Academy with the weekly calls AND your personalised Clearance list will give you EVERYTHING you need to have a positive birth that leaves you feeling empowered. And not just for birth, but for motherhood.

£249 > £149 Fearless Birthing Academy (approx $199)

To take advantage of this discounted price on the Fearless Birthing Academy, just choose the correct option at checkout.

The head trash clearance method is a LIFESAVER. I used it consistently throughout my pregnancy, in my long labour and after my son was born. I would have paid 10 times the amount and credit the method as one of the reasons I had such a powerful birth. 


Got any questions?

Will there be a private chat forum?

Yes. There will be a private Facebook group that will be only for those members of the clearance group. If you have any questions that you want to post privately, you can email Alexia’s team who will post on your behalf.

What if I can't make the weekly call?

No problem. All the weekly calls will be recorded and you will get sent the replays. You can send your questions to Alexia’s team to ensure that your question is answered.

Can I get one-to-one support?

This is a group program, so Alexia will not be providing one-to-one support. Your questions will be answered either in the Facebook group or on the weekly call. If you would like one-to-one support, then please get in touch with Emma on Alexia’s team at

I'm not on Facebook - will I miss out?

Not at all. The video calls will not be done through Facebook. If you have any questions, then you can send them to Alexia’s team.

Are refunds available?

No. You need to decide to do this. This is an important element of birth preparation that is not a dip-your-toe-in-the-water kind of thing. You either want to do this or not and you need to commit. This is also for the benefit of the group.

Is one month long enough for me to clear my fears - I have a lot!

Absolutely. A lot of my clients with tokophobia do a similar program and most of them manage to overcome their tokophobia in 3 weeks. But, it takes work and effort on your part. This is why I want to give you all the support you need to be able to get on with doing what you need to do.

My due date is imminent - is there any point in me joining?

That’s up to you and how you’re feeling. Remember, your baby might be two weeks late and you could be wrestling with all sorts of pressures and fears around induction. Also, the fear-clearance technique is not just something you can use for birth prep, it’s a tool for life. I use this with my business coaching clients, my kids and on myself all the time. Your first few weeks as a new mama could be emotionally challenging for you, having a tool to help you will be a godsend.

I'm not pregnant - is there any point in me joining?

I salute any woman who is consciously preparing for being pregnant and becoming a mother. Working on reducing your fears, anxieties and stresses before pregnancy is a wonderful thing for you and your baby. It will also increase the chances of you becoming pregnant: stress, fear and anxiety are known to have an effect on fertility, so doing anything to reduce these will help. You are most definitely welcome to join the group!