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If you like the Fear Free Childbirth podcast, then you will LOVE the Mama Ship.

It’s like an MASSIVE VAULT of even more Fear Free content.

More interviews
More birth stories
More expert wisdom


And with a dose of fear clearance in for good measure! 

It’s like a ‘Netflix’ for pregnancy

Whether you’re considering pregnancy, TTC or already pregnant, the Mama Ship is the perfect ticket to help to you prepare for the biggest adventure of your life; the journey to motherhood.

Navigating pregnancy and birth, and preparing for motherhood can be overwhelming with so much to think about and take on board. And yet the internet is a choppy sea full of conflicting advice and scary info.

The Mama Ship is here to help you sail smoothly and stay calm through it all. With expert interviews and guidance on losing the fear, it’s the perfect companion for your motherhood journey.

I created the Mama Ship to help you…

Navigate information overwhelm with expert information you can trust (that won’t fill you with fear!)

Get savvy on All The Things when it comes to Pregnancy & Birth so you can feel prepared and in control.

Ease your fears so that you can feel calm and confident about the adventure that lies ahead.

Who’s the Mama Ship for?

Planning a Family

Perhaps you’re TTC, super-excited and can’t wait for motherhood. Or maybe you’re struggling to even contemplate it or feel conflicted about the very thought of it.

The Mama Ship will help you to lose the fear and get well-informed so that you can feel confident and make decisions you’re happy with.


Pregnancy can feel overwhelming with everything you need to take on board. But finding information that is balanced AND won’t scare you is hard.

The Mama Ship is all about providing you with the information you need to feel confident and fearless. And if you have some fears, then it can help you to to ditch them too!

New mama

Those first few weeks with a new baby can feel overwhelming. Your body and emotions feel like they’ve been through the mill.

The Mama Ship can help you to set sail into motherhood. It can help you to feel prepared for the adventure of motherhood that’s coming your way.

Binge on a boatload of Fear Free Childbirth to inspire and empower you

The Mama Ship includes…

Trusted Expert Content Curated by Alexia

The Mama Ship has a boatload of interviews and articles to help you navigate important steps on the journey to motherhood. In the 8+ years I’ve been doing this work, I’ve held countless Facebook Lives, run many events to support women on this journey. And now I’m bringing together all these videos IN ONE PLACE!

I’ve interviewed birth experts, midwives, doulas, mindset experts, yoga teachers, therapists and wellbeing coaches to bring you an ever-expanding collection of conversations that can help you with answers, support and inspiration. I want you to be well-informed so that you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

Unpublished Fear Free Childbirth Episodes

When I was publishing the Fear Free Childbirth podcast, juggling all the work for needed to keep the podcast going, and with 2 young kids was hard. This meant that I was not able to publish all the interviews I recorded. I have now dug out all these old recordings and am sharing them with you exclusively here. 

Fear Free Childbirth Community 

The Fear Free Childbirth community is where you can connect to others who are in a similar boat to you (see what I did there? 😆).  If you have questions or are looking for support on your journey, then WE ARE THERE for you!

There is a separate lounge deck for those who suffer from Tokophobia so that you can be among those who get you.

Extended Ad-free Episodes 

Now that the podcast has returned it is also being published on UK Health Radio. This mean two things: I’ve had to limit the length of my episodes to 45 minutes AND I need to add in ad-spots. But, if you’ve been listening to any of my podcasts, you’ll know that I love to dig deep with my guests. So keeping to 45 minutes is going to be hard!

I’ve decided that I’m not going to let that stop me having important conversations and going deep if the conversation warrants it. So when this happens, I will share the FULL episode, ad-free here in the Mama Ship. And all other episodes will be in here ad-free too!

Guidance for clearing your fears using my book

My books, Fearless Birthing and Clear Your Head Trash, show you how to use my fear clearance technique (Head Trash Clearance) so that you can clear your fears, stresses and anxieties yourself.

If you’ve bought either of my books and want to this self-healing work, then I’ve included videos and mini tutorials to help you.

The Mama Ship is worth every cent! I learnt techniques and methods, which I practised with one-on-one support from Alexia, that both removed my fear and help sustain me mentally and physically during a very long and challenging birth. 

I came away from my birth feeling empowered in my femininity with a newfound and surprising deep respect for my body. 

Katie Phillips

mama to Lilly Pearl, Australia

Here’s a taste of the topics you can find aboard the Mama Ship…


  • Fear Clearance
  • Common Fears
  • Visualisations
  • Affirmations
  • Coping with Grief
  • Reducing Anxiety

Planning for Family

  • Do I want kids?
  • Tokophobia
  • Conscious pregnancy
  • Birth Planning
  • TTC for the over 40s


  • Practical Birth Prep
  • Planning for Twins
  • Healthy pregnancy
  • Plus Size Pregancy
  • Pelvic health
  • Positive Birth Stories

Post Partum

  • Breastfeeding
  • Co-Sleeping
  • Babywearing
  • Colic & reflux

Take a look inside the Mama Ship..

Mama Ship LOVE!

I just wanted to THANK YOU so much. I admit when I first discovered I was pregnant, I started to think about the birth and anxiety flooded me. But the closer I got to the actual birth day, the anxiety just left me and is now pretty much completely gone.

I can honestly say I’m entering into my final weeks of pregnancy fear free.


Thank you for everything. You’ve totally changed my mindset on birth!

Jen, Washington DC

I am currently 6 months pregnant and feeling better (emotionally) than I would have ever imagined! I never planned on having my own kids because of my tokophobia, so when I found out I was pregnant… I was a mess! And I became more of a mess with each passing day! You are the first person who has been able to help me.

You are also the person who has helped me the most! It must be by divine design that I found you and I am so truly thankful!

Thank you again, I love you


I have a pretty amazing birth story (according to me) because at every challenge or turn of events, I found strength and dug deep to make sure this little one got the best chance at a happy not traumatic birth as possible.

For those who have just joined, do the head trash clearance method, listen to positive stories and remember, at every moment of every woman’s labor, she truly discovers that she is made of the toughest stuff and can over come almost anything!


I was starting to panic thinking I was never going to feel “ready” to give birth to a child… I went from being someone who thought when the time came, I’d want every kind of pain relief under the sun and fearing all the worst case scenarios in birth, to being so in awe of how much I know I can now trust my body.

I’m now a changed person! So THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! Truly, thank you Alexia and please keep up the great work!

Sharelle Johnson

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  • Unpublished Podcast Episodes
  • Fear Clearance Guidance
  • Expert guest interviews
  • Fear Free Childbirth Community 

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  • 4 Content Zones: Mindset, Planning for Family, Pregnancy & Postpartum
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  • Unpublished Podcast Episodes
  • Fear Clearance Guidance
  • Expert guest interviews
  • Fear Free Childbirth Community 

PLUS these BONUSES worth £100 / $125!

  • Fear Clearance Scripts
  • 2 x Fear Clearance Meditations
  • 2 x Affirmation Meditation MP3s
  • Affirmation Printables x 40

Get these FREE BONUSES when you sign up with the Annual Pass WORTH £100 / $125

Fear Clearance Meditations x 2

My fear clearance tracks provide a deep level of fear release that will surprise you.

As well as clearing your fears, these two fear clearance tracks will also show you how fear clearance scripts sound in action so that you know how to use them.

Included: Fear of Childbirth & Labour and Fear of Losing Control.

Fear Clearance Scripts x 10

Fear clearance mantras for the 10 most common pregnancy and birth fears.

These easy-to-use scripts will allow you to clear your fears quickly and without fuss.

Each script will clear a fear in under 30 minutes, which means you could clear your most terrifying fears in a less than a week!

Birth Affirmations Meditation MP3 x 2

This Affirmations Meditation duo pack of MP3s is to help you to stay calm and fear free in pregnancy and birth. 

There is one track for you to listen to during your pregnancy, and another that is specifically to listen to during labour.

By focusing on the positive mantras you can keep your mind focussed and fear free.

birth affirmation printables

Birth Affirmations Printables x 40

These printable birthing affirmations have been created using birth affirmations that mamas from all over the world have told me that really do it for them.

There are 40 altogether and they aligned with the Fear Free Childbirth philosophy of embracing and facing up to our fears. 

Just print these off and stick them all over your home!

More LOVE for the Mama Ship

By the time I was done working through my fears I no longer felt this deep-rooted fear that engulfed my mind and body. Instead I felt light, and I could acknowledge the fear without any emotion. 

What’s even better is that I didn’t have to set aside hours upon hours to work through my fears. 

When a fear popped up I spent about 5-10 mins and the fear was gone

It was incredibly empowering to know I could successfully rid myself of a fear so quickly.”


I just wanted to let you know that I had a home birth which was amazing! I used all my (your) mindset skills, totally let go & his head came out in 3 pushes! There was no tearing at all. No drugs & no gas & air. All in all, it was just amazing to have him at home.

A huge thank you! I loved fearless birthing & head trash & they definitely were amazing tools that I used to set up my birth in my head & on the day.

I’m so pleased I found you!

Claire Young


I wanted to let you know that my warrior woman mantra comes from your podcasts; you are basically my online doula!

I will be thinking about you and listening to your work throughout my birth so of course I will let you know how I go. Just keep doing what you are doing and I am sure that you will help many more women through their journeys!

AV, Australia

I would like to thank you for all the inspiration, motivation and commitment. I have thoroughly enjoyed the advice given in both audio and video formats.

This has become my ‘go to’ for guidance and support while on my pregnancy journey.


Thanks so much for your videos. They’re so informative and encouraging!


I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your podcasts and content online.

I just gave birth at home in the water to my first child, a beautiful and perfect little girl. Your content was the most positive info I found about childbirth.

I just wanted to say thank you so much, and keep doing what you do! I will definitely be sharing your website with my pregnant friends.


Hello I’m Alexia
I’m the author of Fearless Birthing and Clear Your Head Trash, and the host of the Fear Free Childbirth podcast and the Head Trash Show podcast.
Mindset is my jam. So is birth and motherhood. And I’m bringing all this together in the Mama Ship.
In the years that I’ve been supporting women in preparing for their births, it’s become apparent to me that preparing for birth is actually preparing for life. Birth is life after all. Many of the fears and anxieties that women face in the lead up to pregnancy and birth are simply LIFE fears and anxieties. Guys have them too; they’re just not being forced into facing them in the way that women are.
And you know what else I’ve noticed? These fears and anxieties don’t just fall away once the birth has come and gone. There are more! Life has a habit of bringing us new things to face up to… all. the. time!
In fact, as living and breathing human beings we will always have new challenges to deal with. Challenges that we’re not always emotionally ready and able to cope with them. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be. By building our emotional strength, over time we can be stronger and more sure of ourselves. We can take on this “I CAN DO ANYTHING” vibe and start changing our life for the better… leave the jobs we hate, start businesses, write books, create our dream lives… all while being confident mothers who can raise incredible human beings who can thrive in the world.
YES! We can do all this. The only thing getting in our way is us. So let’s get out of our way and become the fearless mama that’s within each of us.
I was a mindset coach when I found out I was pregnant. Having tokophobia (the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth) made me face up to my fears. As a mindset coach, how could I NOT? Even though I had been doing mindset work for a while, this was the real start of my own mindset journey.
I lost my first baby and what followed was a year of working intensely on reducing my anxiety and life stresses. When I was pregnant again, I tackled my pregnancy and birth fears. When my daughter arrived, I carried on… more life stresses, fears and anxieties needed to be dealt with. And I’ve never stopped.
It’s only now looking back I realise how far I’ve come as person. I’m often complimented on my ability as a mother and yet I’ve never read a parenting book and my mother died long before I had kids. I have no-one showing me the way.
But what I do have is a connection to my heart and my intuition; my mama instinct. This instinct is within all of is and it’s this that guides me as a mother. My mama instinct is free to guide me because I’ve cleared away the head trash that was smothering it. Sure, I’ve still got a long way to go! I don’t think it will ever end. But I’ve got to a point whereby I feel I can deal with whatever comes by way. I can tune into what’s right for me and my family and make decisions that I’m happy with.
No regrets. No mama guilt.
My daughters are growing up to be confident and fearless and it makes my heart sing and cry in equal bursts. They’re still young so I know I still have a way to go before congratulating myself.
I’m still on this journey but I’m committed to it. For me and my daughters. This is my legacy.
The world needs confident and fearless females right now and I want you to be one of them.
I’d love you to join me aboard the Mama Ship so that we can grow together with each other’s support and encouragement.
Fearlessly yours


Who is the Mama Ship for?

The Mama Ship is for women who are approaching motherhood and beyond who are interested in doing what they can to be the best version of themselves. The content and resources within the Mama Ship are to assist you no matter where you are on this journey.

So perhaps you’re fearful about birth and motherhood and want to be a mother, or perhaps you’re excited about motherhood but recognise that you have baggage you want to be free of before becoming a mother.

Or maybe you’re a mama and want to reduce your stress and anxiety as much as you can, so that you can be an even better mama to your little ones. And of course, if you’re pregnant, there’s lots there to help you to approach birth free of fear.

I'm not pregnant, can I still join?

You deserve a medal just for asking! Of course you can join! It’s never too early to start preparing for becoming a mother. There are lots of resources and information inside the Mama Ship that can help you to prepare for your pregnancy and positive birth experience.

For some, it’s the ‘wanting to be pregnant’ that’s the most stressful. Getting yourself to a place whereby you feel ready for pregnancy is not always easy… and that’s what I can help you with.

Maybe you’re a mama with little ones and you want to feel more confident and fearless…. we’re here for you! Come join us!

I've only just discovered this and I'm due next month. Is it too late to join?

No it’s not too late. There are plenty of resources to help you even if you only have a few weeks left until the arrival of your baby. The Mama Ship can support you well into motherhood. So whether you need help with thinking through your birth plan or getting your head around what to do if you’re baby is late, to getting advice on breastfeeding or dealing with any last minute fears, there is plenty there to help you if your due date is close.

Will you be adding new content, or is everything there already?

I’ll be adding new material regularly so there will be always something new for you. And whenever there is a new podcast episode, then I will be adding the ad-free uncut version in here too! 

Can I get one-on-one help and support?

If you feel you need additional support then personal one-to-one support would need to be arranged separately. Me and my team of Fearless Birthing Professionals are available to help you if you ever feel you need it.

What if I don't enjoy the Mama Ship?

I have a feeling that you will LOVE the Mama Ship, but if for whatever reason you’re not 100% satisfied in any way, then simply cancel your subscription.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Obviously I’d love you to stick around forever but time ticks on and not only does your pregnancy end and you become a mother, but your little one starts growing fast and you have other things taking up your head space. So, when the time comes for you to decide that it’s time to leave, then I’ve made it super simple; just two clicks of a mouse and you’re out.

Once your subscription ends, you will no longer have access to the materials and resources inside.

Can I access the content inside the Mama Ship during my membership once I cancel?

No. Your membership entitles you to be aboard the Mama Ship where you can access the content.

If you cancel or do not renew your subscription, then you will no longer be able to access the Mama Ship and all the content inside.

It’s like Netflix, innit?

Can I get a refund?

No. If you find that you no longer continue to enjoy the Mama Ship, then simply stop your subscription.