If you’re scared of pregnancy or birth, here are some options for you if you’d like to try and deal with your fears yourself.

I developed the Head Trash Clearance method as a result of my own need to clear my fears around pregnancy and birth. I had tokophobia (the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth) and hypnobirthing was not making the slightest bit of difference to my levels of fear. I needed something else. I had so many fears that I figured that if I went to therapy I would be there so long and it would be so expensive that I’d never be able to afford it – time wise or money wise – so I decided to try and sort this out myself.

I did. I overcame my tokophobia in a couple of months and had a wonderful fear free birth, twice. Since then I’ve been working with women to help them overcome their fears and anxieties around pregnancy and birth.

For the last six years, I’ve also been trying to make fear clearance as easy as possible so that anyone can clear their fears and anxieties without having to see a therapist or professional. I believe that we need to have the option of being in charge of our mental health and not always need someone else to fix it.

Being in charge of our mental health means being in control of our ability to get rid of our fears and anxieties so that we can do it whenever we want or need to.

In this blog I’m going to outline what your options are for clearing your fears and anxieties yourself.

But first let me explain what’s involved in clearing your fears using my method: Head Trash Clearance.

What does clearing fears and anxieties involve?

To clear fears and anxieties using Head Trash Clearance you first need to identify WHAT you’re clearing; what you want to clear?

It could be

  • injections or needles [fear of]
  • pain [fear of]
  • losing control [fear of]

Once you’ve identified what you want to clear, you need ONE of the following;

1. The Head Trash Clearance Mantras

This is the script you use to do the fear clearance  and each fear requires its own script (set of Head Trash Clearance Mantras). I show you how to prepare a simple version of this script yourself in my books Fearless Birthing and Clear Your Head Trash. It’s pretty straight forward and I’ve made it super-easy by providing you with a fill-in-the-blanks template. The basic version of the script is 10 lines long so it’s not too long.

Buy the books on Amazon here: Clear Your Head Trash. Fearless Birthing.

2. Fear Clearance Audio Track

These are exactly what they sound like. They’re MP3s of me saying the Head Trash Clearance Mantras, a bit like having a private session with me. This means that all you need to do is sit back and listen. You listen to each track as many times as you need to until the fear or anxiety has gone. This is usually 2 or 3 times max.

The thing is there are only a small number of Clearance tracks that I’ve recorded, so your options here are limited, especially when you consider the potential number of possible fears and anxieties you might want to clear. I’ve recorded tracks for the most common fears so it’s a good place to start.

You can browse my full range of Fearless Birthing Fear Clearance tracks here.

3. Work privately with a trained professional

You can hire a Fearless Birthing Practitioner or a Head Trash Clearance Practitioner and work privately with them. I know that this blog is abut clearing your fears yourself, but sometimes people find that hard, so it’s good to know there is support if you need it.

A Fearless Birthing or Head Trash Clearance Practitioner will help you to identify all the fears and anxieties you have and then come up with a Personalised Clearance Plan, and together you can work on getting the clearances done.

Get support for your pregnancy and birth fears here. Find out about getting support for anxieties and fears outside of pregnancy and birth; life and work etc here.

Your options for clearing your fears yourself

The best thing for you might depend on how fearful you are, or how many fears you think you have.

If you have MILD fears (or a handful of fears)

If you have mild fears or a handful of fears, these are good options for you;

Use my book

In my books I show you how to clear your fears. This way you get to clear as many fears as you want. The thing is, you might worry if you’re doing it right. Sometimes this worry could get in the way of you actually starting (I hear see this a lot!). So if you have a tendency to worry whether you’re getting things right, or you would prefer to have your Head Trash Clearance Mantras pre-written so that you don’t need to worry about getting them right, read on.

Use a fear clearance track

If you have a handful of fears, then your best bet might be to browse my Fear Clearance Tracks and get the tracks you need.

If you have STRONG fears or LOTS of fears

If you have stronger fears or you have lots of fears, then these might be better

Pregnancy and Birth Fear Clearance Pack

I’ve created the definitive list of fears that affect most women when it comes to pregnancy and birth. I’ve compiled this as a result of working with women in clearing their pregnancy and birth fears for over six years. This list includes clearances for the things that are pretty much on everyone’s clearance list.

The Pregnancy and Birth Fears Clearance Pack includes the Head Trash Clearance Mantras for 30 of the most common pregnancy and birth fears.

This means that you can simply work through the list one-by-one. No need to read my book, and no need to worry if you’re doing it right or wrong. Just follow the instructions!

Find out more about the Pregnancy and Birth Fear Clearance Pack here.

Join the Clearance Club

The Clearance Club is a vault of 100s of clearance mantras and clearance audio tracks organised by theme. Themes include things like Medical Fears, Pregnancy and Childbirth as well as things like Control, Change and Decision-making. When you have pregnancy and birth fears, your fears will be spread across a wide number of themes such as control, change and health. Only you will know what themes are affecting you so having the choice of lots of themes to browse will make it much easier for you to get to the bottom of your fears.

In the Clearance Club, each theme contains between 4 and 12 clearances that typically show up for that theme. These are a combination of audio tracks or Head Trash Clearance mantras.

Each theme also shows you which themes are related, which is very handy when you’re not sure what else might be holding you back from feeling fearless. Sometimes seeing them in lists is enough for you to spot what fears and anxieties resonate with you. It’s like you see it and think “Oh yes, that’s me! I’ll clear that too”.

Read more about the various themes of pregnancy and birth fears in my blog: Your fears are not what you think they are. The Clearance Club contains all the themes I’ve shared in my blog post and many more including COVID, parenting, planning a family with more themes being added every month.

This is a subscription which means you pay per month for access to the vault for as long as you want it. So you stay for as long as you need to clear your fears. Another way to help you to get going and not faff about wasting time.

If budget is important to you, then you could join and clear everything you wanted to in one month and then leave. Or you can take your time. it’s entirely up to you.

Find out more about the Clearance Club here.

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