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Are you passionate about supporting women on their journey to motherhood and beyond?

Birth is a sacred moment that leaves a lasting impact on every woman.

At Fear Free Childbirth, I believe in empowering and inspiring women, and to help them to have a positive birth experience.

Celebrating Birth & Motherhood Together

Giving birth is an extraordinary moment that extends beyond the mother — it brings profound positive experiences that ripple through the entire family. At Fear Free Childbirth, we celebrate the transformative power of birth and its lasting impact on the lives of families. Here are some of the remarkable benefits it brings:

Priceless Memories For Life

A positive birth leaves a lasting impression, evoking empowering feelings that stay with her forever.

Strong Mother-Baby Bonding

It fosters a deep connection between mother and baby, building a foundation of love and attachment.

Strong Parent & Family Bonds

A positive birth experience strengthens the bonds within the entire family, creating a harmonious and supportive environment.

Guarding Against Postnatal Depression

By promoting a positive birth experience, we decrease the likelihood of mothers experiencing postnatal depression (PND).

Reducing the Need for Ongoing Social Care

A positive birth experience reduces the need for long-term social care, minimizing the risk of PND, PTSD, and related challenges.

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Here’s why it’s a win-win-win:

Listeners Win

Help my listeners to save time and reduce overwhelm by letting them know how you can support them. They are actively seeking relevant information to support them on their journey. 

They trust my content and looking to be guided through this transformative phase.

You Win

Tap into a ready-and-waiting audience for your product or service. Benefit from the strength of the Fear Free Childbirth brand and amplify your reach to make a meaningful impact.

Podcast Wins

By partnering with me, you contribute to the growth of the podcast and the Fear Free movement, supporting me in reaching even more families with my important and empowering message.

Fear Free Childbirth on TWO Powerful Platforms

Starting in summer 2023, as well as being in the usual places – Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play and iHeart – my podcast will also be joining UK Health Radio—a global internet radio platform with 1.3 million monthly listeners.

The last time the Fear Free Childbirth podcast was on UK Health Radio, it sat in the top 5 of all their shows (out of 42 presenters!) and achieved an impressive 32,000 listens per week! 

I aim to eclipse this performance with fresh, high-quality content and more brilliant guests.

Opportunity Knocks: Ad Break Sponsorship

As per UK Health Radio’s new guidelines, I now have ad breaks within my episodes. BUT ….. Excitingly, I’m offering these prime slots to members of the Fear Free Childbirth Community at reduced costs. Take advantage of this opportunity to reach a wider audience and share your essential work with expectant mothers worldwide.

At Fear Free Childbirth, I understand the importance of connecting women with incredible professionals who can support them during their journey to motherhood. As the Fear Free Childbirth podcast expands its reach and partners with UK Health Radio, I have an exciting opportunity for my community to get involved.

While UK Health Radio will handle the filling of ad breaks on its platform, I am thrilled to offer affordable ad slots on my own platform exclusively to the Fear Free Childbirth community. I really would like to support the professionals who provide invaluable services to women during this transformative time in a meaningful way. I want to offer you the opportunity to reach new families with your wonderful work so that you can thrive and have impact.

Why Choose Fear Free Childbirth for Ad Break Sponsorship?

Engaging and Relevant Audience

My podcast attracts a dedicated and engaged audience of women who are actively seeking information, guidance, and support during their pregnancy and childbirth journey. By sponsoring ad breaks, you have a direct opportunity to connect with a target audience that is hungry for the valuable services and products you offer.

Reduced Rates for Community Members

I understand that affordability is essential for professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of women. That’s why I am committed to offering ad slots at a reduced and accessible rate to the Fear Free Childbirth community. I want to support your success while ensuring that my listeners have access to the most trusted and relevant resources.

Partnership for Success

By choosing to sponsor ad breaks on the Fear Free Childbirth podcast, you become part of a community dedicated to empowering women and families. I am invested in your success and will work closely with you to ensure that your message reaches the right audience and aligns seamlessly with my content. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of countless women.

Partnering Options for Every Budget 


I understand that each sponsor is unique. That’s why I provide flexible sponsorship packages tailored to your budget and desired reach. 

Here are some popular options:

Reach and Engagement Stats

Fear Free Childbirth Podcast on Alexia's Platform:

– Monthly downloads: 20,000 across all episodes

– Downloads in the first month per episode: 1,500 – 4,500

– Lifetime downloads per single episode: 15,000 – 40,000

Fear Free Childbirth Podcast on UK Health Radio:

– Previously achieved 32,000 listens per week and consistently ranked in the top 5 of all UK Health Radio shows.

– UKHR’s listenership has grown by +30% since our last partnership.

Top countries for the podcast are US, Canada, UK, India and Australia

Please note that these figures serve as indicators, and specific results may vary.

Ready to Reach Expectant Mothers and their Families?

Join me in inspiring and empowering women during their transformative journey into motherhood. 

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Let’s connect and create a positive impact together.

Remember, when you partner Fear Free Childbirth, you’re supporting women, families, and the power of positive birthing experiences. 

Act now to secure your spot and unlock a world of possibilities.

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About Alexia

Before pregnancy, Alexia worked as a top-tier marketing professional for global health and beauty brands for 15+ years. She also tutored on Digital and Disruptive Marketing at Oxford University. Alexia is intimately familiar with what it takes to grow a business and a global brand.. When you decide to partner with the Fear Free Childbirth podcast, know that you are in good hands and all eyes will be doing what we can to help you to grow your business and your brand.