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Erin’s Tokophobia Healing Journey

I'm thrilled to share with you another incredible tokophobia healing journey. As the host of the Fear Free Childbirth podcast, I have had the profound privilege of connecting with many incredible women, each on her unique path to overcoming the fears and anxieties...

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Periods & Pregnancy: Learning to love your cycle

In today's episode, I have a thought-provoking conversation with Elizabeth Tidwell, a menstrual cycle coach, as she shares her journey of healing and embracing the power of her menstrual cycle. I wanted to talk about periods because even though they're not front and...

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Spirit Babies: Exploring Fertility and Conscious Conception

In this episode, my special guest is Emma Moon, a cosmic fertility guide and a spirit baby medium. Emma's unique background includes a Bachelor of Science in nursing and expertise as an integrative health practitioner. She blends both science and spirituality in her...

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How to Measure Healing Progress in Pregnancy and Birth

Welcome back to Fear Free Childbirth! In today's episode, I want to explore how we can measure healing progress when we're undertaking personal development work, or healing. And in doing so I'd like to share a tool that I think can help you with this called the Map of...

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Postnatal meets Perimenopause with Linda Stephens

In today's episode, we dive deep into the world of perimenopause and how it intersects with the postnatal period. With so many women waiting until later in life to have children, this is an important topic for women to get their heads around. Postnatal meets...

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From Fearful to Surrogate: Susie’s Story

In today's episode, I am joined by the incredible Susie Hamilton as she shares her spine-tingling story of transformation from someone who wrestled with tokophobia, the fear of pregnancy and birth, to becoming a surrogate. When Susie discovered this podcast when she...

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Emetophobia, Fear of Vomit and Pregnancy

Fear of Vomit and Pregnancy: How to Navigate the Emetophobia in Preparation for Pregnancy and Parenthood Today I am diving into a topic that affects more people than you might imagine - the fear of vomit and pregnancy. The fear of being sick is also known as...

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Hidden Pregnancy & Birth Trauma

The Power of Healing Your Hidden Pregnancy and Birth Trauma In this episode I explore hidden pregnancy and birth trauma. Discover how ancestral trauma can fuel fears and anxieties about pregnancy and birth, even if you've never been pregnant. I also share my personal...

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How Drumming Enhances Pregnancy and Birth Experiences

Welcome to another episode of Fear Free Childbirth podcast, where we delve into the incredible realm of childbirth and explore unconventional yet empowering practices. In this episode, I am joined by special guest Sophie Messager, a doula who has integrated drumming...

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Conquering Tokophobia & Body Dysmorphia: Ramona’s Story

In this week's episode, Alexia chats to Ramona, who shares her powerful story of triumphing over tokophobia and body dysmorphia to embrace and enjoy pregnancy. Throughout our conversation, Ramona imparts wisdom on communicating with healthcare providers, finding the...

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Anxiety and Pregnancy

In this episode of Fear Free Childbirth, I delve into the topic of anxiety and how it affects pregnancy. As someone who has personally experienced anxiety during my own pregnancy journey, I understand the importance of addressing and overcoming these fears and...

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How to have a fear-free childbirth

Welcome back to the Fear Free Childbirth podcast! After a long break, I'm bringing the podcast back. Fear of birth and pregnancy is a common experience for up to 85% of women, but it is not something to be ashamed of. The way I see it, there are two main types of fear...

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I just wanted to send along a message letting you know that I am absolutely loving your podcast! I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my first child and I eagerly anticipate a new podcast each week. The positivity is exactly what I was looking for and need to hear on this journey. You are providing such a wonderful gift to mums to be. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Keep up the great work you are doing and know that it is not going unappreciated.


I am loving your website & podcasts! I am on maternity leave (due end Aug or should I say early September? Prob more accurate!) & have just discovered you. Have been listening to multiple podcasts each day whilst walking, cooking etc & they are all brilliant & informative. I have been doing active birth & yoga classes in preparation since around 3 months & have a doula but your fearless birth is brilliant concept.


I just wanted to say that I found your podcast a few weeks ago and I have just really enjoyed listening to your shows! I love how comforting and empowering they are and how they help me feel like “YES, I CAN DO THIS!!”. They are very informative and each show has something different and valuable to offer. So thank you for doing this!