In this episode, I sit down with the inspirational Celeste to delve deep into her transformative journey of overcoming fears and phobias related to childbirth and pregnancy. Throughout the episode, Celeste candidly shares her profound and life-altering experiences, providing invaluable insights for anyone navigating similar challenges.

This episode is for you if you want to have a peep under the bonnet to better understand what it looks like EXACTLY to clear your head trash (tokophobia, anxiety or indeed anything else) using Head Trash Clearance.

We get down to brass tacks and leave no stone unturned.

At the heart of Celeste’s journey is her struggle with tokophobia, a deep-seated fear of childbirth and pregnancy that extended beyond the realm of motherhood, infiltrating her daily life and relationships.

What unfolds in this episode is her amazing journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and healing, as Celeste takes us through her journey of clearing the fears and anxieties that were contributing to her tokophobia and anxiety.

Through a very candid conversation, Celeste shares how she initially grappled with her fear, with symptoms ranging from anxiety attacks triggered by the mere thought of pregnancy to physical manifestations of tingling in her arms and legs, burping, and spontaneous crying during her shifting process.

Over the span of 6-7 transformative months, she experiences a significant shift, moving from a space of anxiety and fear to a newfound sense of peace and calm. Her journey of clearing head trash and addressing deep-seated fears takes her on a path of self-realization, lending her the clarity and insight needed to navigate her fears and emerge stronger on the other side.

It’s incredible to see where Celeste is today, and I hope that her journey inspires you on your healing journey.

Resources Mentioned During the Episode:

The following resources were instrumental in Celeste’s journey of tackling her fears and phobias related to childbirth and pregnancy.

  1. Clear Your Head Trash book
  2. Fearless Birthing book
  3. Head Trash Clearance healing modality
  4. Fear Free Childbirth Podcast and other content on the website
  5. Tokophobia Clearance Group with Alexia
  6. Clearance Club – self-healing membership

If you’re interested in learning more about these resources, you can find them through the Fear Free Childbirth podcast and on this website.

About Celeste

Celeste Rollins is from East Tennessee in the US. This past year, she put the dots together and learned her lifelong fears concerning pregnancy and childbirth translated to an actual phobia (Tokophobia). Not one to sit passively when introspective growth is needed, she sent herself on a quest for knowledge, answers, and solutions. Eventually her journey led her to Alexia Leachman’s podcasts, the Head Trash Clearance Method, and the Tokophobia Support Program — all of which were game changers for her.

Episode Time Stamps:

00:00 “DIY solution to mental and emotional challenges.”
03:47 Celeste achieves remarkable healing and consciousness shift.
06:55 Questioning desire for children, exploring underlying reasons.
10:44 Connected dots revealed deeper head trash issues.
14:14 Identify and clear your head trash method.
18:42 Clearing head trash can feel like difficulty.
24:19 Navigating and clearing head trash for wellbeing.
27:27 Lack of control over body functions realization.
28:21 Uncontrollable bodily functions, especially for women.
33:29 Clearance journey leads to calmer, happier life.
36:58 Fear of pregnancy and childbirth causes panic.
37:49 Struggling with friends’ pregnancies, anxiety, and clarity.
41:15 Impressive transformation in just 6 months.
46:37 Reducing stress and improving sleep with self-care.
48:38 Navigating head clearing journey with lightheartedness.
53:29 Fear Free Childbirth: Podcast and Mama Ship.

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