Using essential oils in pregnancy can be a bit of a minefield. There is so much confusion as to what you can and can’t use that it can be stressful. So I knew I had to do an episode on it!

essential oils in pregnancy

To help me tackle this subject, I’m being joined by Amber Duncan, who is a clinical aromatherapist. But not only that, but she is also a mama of three, so she’s pretty familiar with the pregnancy and birth journey. She works a lot with pregnant mamas so I knew she would be ideal to have on the show.

Essential Oils in Pregnancy

If you’ve thought about using essential oils in pregnancy, then this is probably pretty familiar to you. Women just don’t know what is safe and what is not, and so often avoid using them altogether. Midwives often avoid recommending essential oils in pregnancy because they are confused too and so they prefer to avoid the subject altogether. Essential oils can have great benefits when pregnant providing the right ones are used in the right way.

During our chat, Amber covers quite a bit, including;

  • Why you need to avoid using a diffuser during labour
  • What support you can expect from using essential oils in pregnancy
  • Typical pregnancy symptoms that essential oils can help with
  • Which carrier oils to use – including one that you probably haven’t heard of before
  • How to dilute essential oils to a safe level
  • What to pack in your birth or hospital bag
  • How to prepare your essential oils that you might want to use during labour, including a great hack
  • Why you need to avoid topical EO applications immediately post birth

One thing that’s a bit scary or overwhelming when it comes to using essential oils in pregnancy is knowing what to avoid. So Amber has rather helpfully, provided me with a list of

  1. Essential oils to avoid
  2. Essential oils to use with care during pregnancy

(I’m sorry but this free guide is no longer available.  If you are looking for super useful resources such as this then join the Fearless Mama Ship. Find out more here.)

About Amber Duncan

Amber Duncan is the proud owner of Holistic Health Helper, LLC based out of Dayton and the sole instructor for The Apothecary Institute. As a Clinical Aromatherapist, she makes it her mission to educate others on the safe use of essential oils. She does this by offering many classes, workshops and seminars.  These educational opportunities are available in person, via Skype and online.

Amber is the NAHA Regional Director for southern Ohio and also has written for their quarterly journal.  In 2016 she was invited to speak at the NAHA national conference which took place this October in Utah. Amber has also been interviewed for articles in various publications including one with Massage Mag, as well as being invited to various speaking engagements including this 2016’s SOFT Conference held in Tacoma, Washington.

Most recently she decided to add herbal studies to her repertoire and began a course to become a Master Herbalist. She knows this enhanced knowledge of the whole plant will only further allow her to best help those coming to her with questions.  She is excited to share this knowledge with everyone including her local clients in Dayton, Ohio.

When not helping others better understand essential oils she is raising her three children with the help of her loving husband. She works with the kids in a home-school format to help them better learn about the things around us.  Such as plants, animals, and how we fit in; so that they can feel comfortable with their knowledge of the world and who they are in it.


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