We have lift off!

During the first episode of the Fear Free Childbirth Podcast, I really just want to share with you why I’ve decided to do this podcast as well as letting you know the kind of the things that you can look forward to hearing about over the course of the podcast.


Being able to experience a childbirth without fear is something that will not only be a magical experience for you, but will be the best thing you can do for baby too. Sadly, births can be incredibly traumatic, for mum and baby, and unfortunately, many of the complications that tend to arise within childbirth stem from the woman’s fear and its effect on the body… which in turn is more likely to lead to the adoption of medical interventions which can kick off a cascade of unpleasantness.

It is my hope with this podcast that you can prepare yourself mentally and emotionally so that you are able to choose the birth you want, and better still, improve your chances of actually having it. Of course, Mother Nature might have other plans, but the good thing about being in a fear free place is that if things change on the day, you’re much better placed to cope and respond.. and more importantly, make decisions that you’re happy with on the day and much later.

The podcast will only run for 9 months and during that time, I want to bring together as much information and inspiration to help you achieve a fear free childbirth. Things like…

  • real life stories of positive births
  • speaking to birthing professionals
  • sharing insights and information that’s not always readily available
  • sharing some of the lastet research to help you become better informed about pregnancy and childbirth
  • tip and techniques for clearing your fears and dealing with pregnancy stresses and symptoms


Who’s the podcast for?

This podcast isn’t just for pregnant mums… it’s also for dads. Dads need emotional support and preparation too… so this podcast will be taking their needs into comsideration too.If you’re pregnant and would like to help your other half to get his head around what you’re going through, maybe he’ll prefer to listen to this in his smartphone than to be seen reading a book on childbirth! 😉

Would you like to feature on the Fear Free Childbirth podcast?

I’d love to chat to you if you’re ….

  • a mum or dad with a positive birth story to share
  • a midwife or doula who would like to inspire others by sharing your experiences of bringing babies into the world
  • birthing professionals who work with mums and dads to help them prepare for birth
  • an academic who is knowledgable and passionate about maternal health, pre-natal pyschlogy and childbirth


If you would, then get in touch with me via email at : alexia [at] fearfreechildbirth.com

Let me know how I can help

Use to the comments to let me know how I can help or what you’d like to hear more about….

  • Is there anything that you’d really love to know more about when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth?
  • Is there is someone that you think would make a great guest on the Fear Free Childbirth Podcast?

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