The Fear Free Childbirth podcast is back! After a year off, I’m back… lots of great episodes coming too!

In this episode, I talk about my new book, Fearless Birthing. I get lots of emails asking what reading people should do, well, my answer to that is simple: my Fearless Birthing book!
When I was pregnant, I didn’t read any books. I was tokophobic and one aspect that affects many women with tokophobia is that reading about birth can be very difficult – it can easily trigger their fears or panic attacks – and this happened to me. So I’m the last person to ask about birth books.
My Facebook group is a great place to ask that question!

Fearless Birthing Book

So today I’m going to talk about my book and share with you what you can expect from it – in a very top-line fashion. It’s nearly 100,000 words and pretty meaty, so I will NOT be going into the detail… I just want to give you an overview so that you can decide whether it might be a good one for you to read.

As I go through the chapters I also mention where there might be other podcast episodes that cover those topics – and I mention upcoming episodes that dive deeper too.

As well as helping you to shift your mindset around birth, I also include my fear-clearance technique – the Head Trash Clearance Method – which is what you can use to clear your fears. Now, some people prefer more than just a book to help them, so if that’s you, then the Fearless Birthing Self-Healing Online Programme is for you. This is my online program that accompanies the book. It includes lots of videos to help you to identify your fears and then to clear them. There are also many mindset techniques in there to help you during birth.

Since the book has come out I’m also getting lots of questions from birth workers and birth professionals asking me if they could train in Fearless Birthing so that they can use it to support their clients. Well, the answer to that is YES YOU CAN! You can find out more about joining the tribe of Fearless Birthing Professionals here. The Fearless Birthing Professional training is an online training program that combines live classes with online materials which means that you can train from anywhere in the world – as long as you have an internet connection.

Other Resources

During the podcast I mentioned other resources to help you on your Fearless Birthing journey;

Fear Clearance Meditations – to help you to address the most common birth fears

Fearless Birthing book bundle deal – buy 5 paperbacks – for friends or for your lending library and save money.

Fear Free Childbirth Facebook group – the best place to ask me questions and get answers from other mamas on the same journey as you.


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