In this episode, I have an incredible story of transformation to share with you. My guest, Jessica, was once plagued with fear when it came to pregnancy and childbirth. However, she conquered her fears and had a positive birth experience that inspired her to make a bold career change.

From Fearful Mama to Confident Midwife

Jessica talks about her journey from fear to becoming a midwife. It’s a remarkable turnaround that showcases the power of overcoming our deepest fears and embracing new paths in life.

But before we delve into Jessica’s inspiring story, I want to share with you a tale that highlights what can happen if we leave our pregnancy and birth fears unchecked.

Learn about the fears commonly faced by women during pregnancy, birth, and even those struggling with tokophobia. While some may assume these fears revolve around pain and tearing, they often stem from deeper conflicts and anxieties. These fears include the fear of losing control, feeling trapped or lacking choices, making the wrong decisions, and feeling weak or vulnerable.

These fears are not exclusive to pregnancy and birth. They can manifest in various areas of our lives, such as feeling out of control at home or work, or even a loss of control over our own bodies. It’s crucial to recognise and address these fears because they tend to permeate other aspects of our lives, affecting our overall well-being and hindering our personal growth.

To illustrate this point, I recount a powerful story of a radio show presenter who, like me, experienced tokophobia. Following the loss of her baby and her subsequent aversion to getting pregnant again, she discovered that this fear had affected multiple areas of her life without her realising it. Once she identified and faced her fear head-on, she realised how it had suppressed her ability to birth anything significant in her business and personal development. The transformation she experienced after releasing this fear was nothing short of astounding.

So, if you’re currently grappling with fears surrounding pregnancy, birth, or any other areas in life, listen closely to Jessica’s remarkable journey. Her story is a testament to the incredible power we possess within ourselves to rewrite our narratives and conquer our deepest fears. Get ready to be inspired, empowered, and discover a fearless mindset with Fear Free Childbirth.

In this episode, we delved into a wide array of thought-provoking questions with Jessica:

  • Have you ever experienced any fears related to pregnancy or birth? How did you handle them?
  • How do you think fears about pregnancy and birth can impact other aspects of a person’s life? Can you think of any examples?
  • Have you ever witnessed someone close to you struggling with fears around childbirth? How did they cope with it?
  • Do you think understanding the root cause of a fear can help in overcoming it? Why or why not?
  • Have you ever been inspired to make a major career change due to a life-changing event?
  • How do you think conquering a fear can lead to personal transformation?
  • Do you think this fear is universal? How might it manifest in different areas of life?
  • How do you think societal expectations and judgments contribute to fears around pregnancy and birth?
  • Do you think addressing past traumas is essential in overcoming fears?
  • What steps do you think can be taken to raise awareness and provide support for individuals facing fears related to childbirth?

Resources Mentioned During the Episode

During the episode, the following resources were mentioned:

  1. Fearless Birthing online course: The ONLY self-healing program that will show you how to let go of your fears and anxieties around pregnancy and birth so that you can approach motherhood with confidence.
  2. Clearance Club: Everything you need to free yourself of stress and anxiety so that you can experience calmness, clarity and confidence.


Episode Guest

Jessica Mengel was fearful when she was facing pregnancy and birth. She conquered her fears and had a positive birth experience. This transformative experience motivated Jessica to change careers and become a midwife. Her passion for helping others navigate the fear surrounding childbirth led her to pursue a new path in supporting women during one of the most crucial periods of their lives. Jessica’s story showcases the power of overcoming fear and how it can lead to remarkable personal growth and professional transformation.

Episode Timestamps

00:00:33 Jessica overcomes birth fears and becomes midwife.
00:03:34 Fear of losing control: chaos at home, work, body
00:09:49 Consider your birth experience’s impact on life. Explore struggles, patterns, and fears. Find unique insights beyond conventional thinking. Now, let’s delve into the interview.
00:13:53 Overcoming fear to pursue pregnancy, facing reality.
00:15:48 Doctor’s appointments didn’t provide enough time. Researched fear-free childbirth and found helpful information. Listened to podcasts and read positive birth book.
00:20:44 Massage, niggle, labor, cookie-making, possible labor.
00:22:24 Got intense, woke husband, possibly in labor.

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