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Last week I shared an interview with Independent Midwife, Nicky Grace to showcase the wonderful women that are midwives, but also to highlight the challenge that Uk Independent Midwives are facing due to a new ruling that will prevent them from continuing their valuable work. But, to be honest, there is nothing more powerful that sharing a real life story of what the difference an independent midwife can make for a woman. Well the story I’m sharing today IS that story.

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Today I’m chatting to Hannah Palamara who is a Birth Photographer and Doula. Here’s Hannah in her own words

“Before I was a birth photographer or a doula, I was a mother. My own children’s births were what led me into the doula and birth photography work I do today . Each of my births was drastically different. They demanded me to grow and change in ways that I never could have anticipated. Each of my birth stories held lessons and gifts. I wouldn’t be the same without them. My birth journeys were so impactful that I knew I had to help and document other women as they transitioned into motherhood. I delved into birth work by becoming a doula, and soon found that my other true passion is in capturing all the incredible moments of the birthing day.”

During my chat Hannah shares her difficult journey that ultimately led to her incredible healing VBAC for her third baby. During our chat, Hannah shares how she came to work as a birth photograher, but we also touch on so many worthwhile topics, including

  • how the words you hear during your pregnancy carry so much influence
  • how vulnerable you can find yourself without adequate emotional support
  • the situations that led to her c-sections
  • the value and doing the “inner work” and working on your “stuff”
  • how being told “your pelvis is too small to birth a baby” makes you feel – and how utter rubbish it is!
  • why she decided to hire an independent midwife
  • why she decided to opt for a home birth
  • why you should absolutely consider hiring a birth photographer
  • what a birth photographer can help you to capture when it comes to your birth

And brilliantly, since my chat with Hannah, she has received an honourable mention for her photography work by the Internation Association of Birth Photograhers; the only person in the UK to be mentioned! Yay! You can see the competition here

You can see a selection of Hannah’s work below

To find out more about Hannah’s work visit her website at – . You can find her on Instagram Tree of life doula photography  or on Facebook – Tree of life doula photography


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