In today’s podcast, I’m super thrilled to be able to share with you a positve birth story. As you know it is my hope to inspire you to have a fear free birth, and for me part of that is to dispel the myth that childbirth is always painful, horrid and traumatic. Fear plays a huge role in creating those kinds of birth experiences and so it’s really important to seek out positive stories in the lead up to your birth. As part of my work in helping you to prepare for a fear free childbirth, I’m gathering positive birth stories from mums who are happy to share their experiences as well as what they did to achieve those experiences. It’s fair to say that childbirth is hard work – the clue is in the name! (LABOUR!) – and for you to succeed will require putting in some preparation work. So, the mums I’ll be speaking to will be able to share what kind of preparation they did to help them have a positve birth experience.


Jennifer’s Positive Birth Story

Jennifer Nesbit HoltMy story today comes from Jennifer Nesbitt Holt a mum of 2 from Austin, Texas. As well as being a mum, Jennifer is an entrepreneur, an artist and a podcaster.

During our chat, Jennifer shares

  • what her pregnancies were like, and how they differed
  • how she had to ignore the doctors and trust her body during her pregnancy
  • how the preparation she did for her for her first birth, carried her through for her second birth
  • why she hired a doula and how her doula supported her
  • why she decided to have a dialogue with her second baby in the lead up to the birth
  • her experience of her “lying in” experience post birth
  • how kundalini yoga helped her to prepare for birth
  • who she chose to have in her birth support team

Both Jennifer’s babies arrived naturally at 43 weeks, so she also shares with us how she coped with The Wait and WHAT she was doing when her waters finally broke! clue: it involves Ricky Gervais!

At the end of the podcast, Jennifer shares with me some Tibetan Bowls music that’s she’s developed that includes specific vibrations that can help to calm mum and baby. You can find out more about this right here.

Jennifer is a real delight to listen to so I hope you enjoy listening to our chat.


What did you think listening to Jennifer’s story? Did it inspire you? what did you take away from hearing what she said? Is there something that you want to try out after listening? Let me know in the comments!

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