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Our pregnancy journey has the potential to be one of the most transformative and expansive periods in our lives, and I don’t just mean in terms of our body! The opportunity for personal growth is huge, and yet this important rite of passage is not always widely accepted or appreciated for what it is.


When I think back to my own experiences of miscarriage and birth, I’m in awe of the journey I’ve been on, and it’s so obvious to me now that being pregnant was both the start and the trigger. When I miscarried and realised that it was relief that I felt, I knew then that I had some stuff to resolve, which I then tackled head-on for about a year. I was rewarded with a pay-off, because the next time I found out I was pregnant, I was delighted (instead of being in a bad state of shock). But, staying pregnant came with its own set of emotional challenges for me; I had to face my blood-curdling fears. Well I did, and was rewarded yet again; this time with an incredible birth experience.

As motherhood took hold, the lessons and opportunity for growth continued and to be honest I don’t think they ever stop. Once you start on this journey, it’s not like you ever reach The Destination; it’s never-ending. So of course, my second pregnancy pushed me even more. The lessons and challenges I had overcome for my first pregnancy, came back but from a slightly different angle. I had to go deeper and be more thorough in my inner work, something which I couldn’t have done the first time, but that felt quite natural and do-able as I faced them this time around.

I share that with you because, it seems I’m not alone in having this kind of rite of passage experience. The universe gives us what we can handle, but we don’t always step up. If we don’t, we just get stuck wrestling with the same old crap on repeat.

In today’s podcast, I’m joined by Charlotte who tells a similar rite of passage story and I think it’s one worth hearing because hopefully it will wake you up to your story of growth. Things will always come up. In order for us to grow and evolve as human beings, we have to continue to move through our issues, and when you become pregnant, you are preparing yourself in every way – mind, body and soul – to transition into the next phase of your life. But are you open to that?

Are you prepared for the rite of passage that is pregnancy?

The transition from free woman to mother is massive and issues are bound to come up for you. Open your arms to them. Welcome them. It’s normal and everyone has it. Whatever comes up has to be embraced and dealt with – sooner rather than later. The more you face up to your stuff, the more you lighten your load and the easier your birth will be.


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