In this episode, my special guest is Emma Moon, a cosmic fertility guide and a spirit baby medium.

Emma’s unique background includes a Bachelor of Science in nursing and expertise as an integrative health practitioner. She blends both science and spirituality in her work, supporting women through their fertility journey, pregnancy, and conscious birth. Emma’s approach involves connecting with the energy and spirit of her clients, helping them navigate emotional and spiritual blocks that may affect their fertility. Through a combination of nutrition, lifestyle changes, and intuitive guidance, she provides comprehensive support for women and couples.

Conversations with Spirit Babies: Exploring Fertility and Conscious Conception

In this episode, we delved into a wide array of thought-provoking questions with Emma.

  • How does Emma Moon blend science and spirituality in her work as a cosmic fertility guide and spirit baby medium?
  • Can emotional and spiritual blocks affect a person’s fertility? How does Emma address these challenges?
  • Why does Emma prefer to use the term “fertility challenges” instead of “infertility”?
  • How does Emma tap into her intuitive abilities during her work with clients?
  • What strategies does Emma use to support and heal the body in terms of nutrition, lifestyle, herbs, and supplements
  • How does Emma connect with a client’s energy field and spirit babies to guide the conversation and healing process
  • Has she ever considered the spiritual aspects of pregnancy and fertility? How might this perspective enhance your own experience?
  • How can a conscious pregnancy and conscious conception positively impact a person’s journey to parenthood?

Resources Mentioned During the Episode

These resources contribute to a holistic approach to fertility and pregnancy, incorporating both scientific and spiritual perspectives.

1. Integrative Health and Nutrition Program – The program Emma attended to specialise in women’s health and hormones.

2. Nutrition, lifestyle, herbs, and supplements – Strategies used by Emma to support fertility and overall health.

3.Energetic therapies – A component of Emma’s comprehensive fertility support.

4. Spirit Baby Medium – Emma’s ability to connect with and advocate for spirit babies.

5. Conscious Pregnancy – A concept discussed in the episode.

6. Conscious Conception – The idea of intentionally creating a pregnancy.

7. Conscious Birth – Approaching birth with awareness and intention.

8. Science and spirituality – The blending of scientific and spiritual perspectives in fertility support.

9. Energy system – The recognition of the body’s energetic aspect in fertility.

10. Fertility challenges – A term used instead of infertility to focus on the potential for healing.

11. Spirit team – Spiritual guides and helpers that support individuals.

12. Chakra systems – Energetic centres in the body that may affect fertility.

About Emma Moon

Meet Emma Moon, a passionate advocate and practitioner dedicated to holistic reproductive health and the magic of cosmic fertility. Emma’s unique approach blends science, intuition, and spirituality to provide comprehensive support for hormone balancing, conscious conception, fertility, and spirit baby journeys.

Emma Moon fosters a deep connection with your body, leveraging menstrual cycles for wellness. As a Spirit Baby Medium, she guides parents-to-be with fertility science and intuition. Her work empowers conscious conception and holistic reproductive wellness.

Connect with her:,

Episode Time Stamps

00:00:32 Emma Moon is a cosmic fertility guide and spirit baby medium, supporting communication with babies during pregnancy.
00:03:48 Overcame illness, pursued women’s health, fertility.
00:10:14 Pressure to embody parental roles, societal expectations, desire, readiness, fear, trauma, support in reproductive journey.
00:14:06 Ancestral birthing experiences impact our intuition & safety.
00:17:04 Inherited memories impact our own experiences.
00:19:33 Importance and calling to become a mother.

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