So, I’ve got a few things I want to share with you about the podcast. (you might want to get yourself a drink!)

Yes, it’s coming back!

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but my INTUITION spoke and so it is!

I’m going to make a few tweaks. This is so that it can fit into my life. And, more importantly it’s about me protecting my boundaries and energy, and not stressing myself out.

I will do a podcast when I fancy it

None of this weekly nonsense that stresses me out. If I can hit a rhythm, I will, but if I can’t, I won’t stress about it. Unless you’re a podcaster, you have NO IDEA what work goes into a podcast.

Each of my episodes back in the day would take up to 8 hours to produce. YES! 8 FRIGGING HOURS!!! That’s nuts and I’m not going back to that.

If you’re familiar with Human Design, I’m a projector and this means my energy is up and down (and it totally is!). It also means that if I’m not having fun then my energy is off. And I’m all about protecting my energy. My human design coach told me that my energy acts as a lighthouse so that people can find me and my message. My message is an important one and if my energy is off, I can’t be heard. Hence the need to protect my energy. And the way to boost my energy is to HAVE FUN!!

So I need to focus on the FUN of podcasting and not the stress.

This means, I’ll do it when I WANT, when I have the ENERGY and when it feels FUN.

I will do video episodes where I can

One reason for this is that I think people love to see a face – I do! And so I’d like to give my audience that option. Especially for my guests who are new to you – it’s nice to put a face to their voice.

This also means that I’m not going to sink an afternoon into editing my audio – a HUGE win for me because that was a total time and energy suck, and it’s where my main bottleneck was.

So, my episodes are now going to be a lot more raw. I now listen to lots of podcasts/channels where they do this and it doesn’t annoy as much as I thought it would. In fact it doesn’t at all. I like the rawness. As long as the content is great, then I’m cool with it. I’m not talking speeding trains or vacuum cleaners in the background, just a few more errs and umms.

And, if it means the difference between me doing the podcast and NOT doing it then so be it.

My perfectionist self can just sit in the corner and chunter quietly to herself!

If lockdown taught us anything it’s if the TV Presenters can present the news in their pyjamas with their wives manhandling tearaway kids in the background, then we can all roll with the punches!

To be fair all my first 10 episodes had me breastfeeding during the recording. I’ve since had guests on with their boobs out on video while breastfeeding… this is pregnancy and birth podcast FFS .. we’re used to being raw, messy and fabulous! Let’s own that shit!

All the videos will be on my youtube channel which you can find over here

Only topics I feel juicy about

If I’ve covered a topic already, I’m less likely to want to revisit it. Unless there’s a fab new angle that I haven’t explored yet, then it’ll be a HELL YES!

I’m not on some desperate mission to be the encyclopedia for all things birth and pregnancy. I want to brig MY SLANT to the themes that affect women on the journey to motherhood and if a topic doesn’t get me all juicy inside then it’s a no.

I want real life stories of transformation

I really want to bring to the show some real-life stories of the journey to motherhood and how that changes us as women.

I get so many messages from people who’ve shared with me their life transformations that have come about as a result of the inner work and fear clearance they did to prepare for pregnancy and birth. Some of these are completely inspirational and I want to share them to inspire others.

I am also actively looking for medical researchers to come on to talk about the sudden and dramatic changes we’re seeing in rates of fertility, menstrual cycles, stillborns and miscarriages. Not enough is being talked about on this front and women need to be informed so that they can make the right choices for them and their family – something that I’ve always believed passionately in.

I realise that sharing some of what has unfolded over the last 2-3 years might actually induce fear, but being well-informed is crucial to be able to navigate this, and this has always been one of my guiding principles.

Being fearless is not about avoidance, it’s about eyeballing the stuff that scares us and moving forward despite that.

I want to talk A LOT more about tokophobia

I feel like I’ve been a lone voice on this.. i just don’t see it being discussed enough. This is wrong. It affects so many women, this fear should be as well known as arachnophobia and it’s not.

I want to do more to raise awareness about it. And I want to help other people understand it and take it seriously. So I want more stories and I’ll be diving into more depth about it.

I’m opening up sponsor slots

I will also be opening up sponsor slots. Oooh!!

I’d love to create some neat little packages for birth workers so that they can reach more peeps. Since I’ve been absent, I’ve been approached by quite a few big brands looking for something a bit more fancy in terms of sponsorship. I haven’t decided on what to do on that front yet though, but I’m not saying no. If the podcast can pay for an editor then we can ditch the errs and umms! Wins all round! But def want to do something for the birth pro community. We’re all in this together and we can all help each other to thrive. So if I can help pregnancy and birth professionals to reach more peeps and help more families, then I want to do what I can.

I’m giving this a lot of thought right now and will hold a gathering of birth workers to get thoughts and opinions together. If you want to be part of this , then either join the Fearless Birth Workers facebook group , or stay tuned to my emails.

You can now support the show

Over the years I’ve had so many people email me asking how they can support the show. So finally I’ve come up with a Support the Show page where you can make a donation. You can make a one-off donation, or buy me and my team a drink.

All details about how you can support the show are here.

Do you want to be a guest?

And finally (does this EVER end???)

If you want to be a guest on the show – or you know someone who does – I’ve created an easier way for you put a request in. There’s now a page on the website with deets and a nice little form for peeps to fill in which will help me and my team make a decision.

Let me know you want to be a guest here.

And that’s it! Phew!

I’m not sure when the first episode will be out, but you will be one of the first to know!

Until next time

Alexia Leachman
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