Today I’m sharing a fabulous positive birth story on the podcast. It’s fabulous because it’s positive and empowering birth, obviously. But also because it’s a tokophobia birth story.

Tokophobia birth story

I’m joined today by Cee Fee Dunn who admits to being completely terrified of pregnancy and birth. Cee Fee and her husband had decided that they wanted to have children, so when she found out she was pregnant, she was excited for sure, but she was also filled with dread. The dread stayed with her pretty much throughout her whole pregnancy.

Cee Fee’s tokophobia birth story is also worth listening to, and not just for women who are terrified of birth. Her birth did not go to plan and the birth she had, was not the birth she wanted. Things changed. But, despite all this, Cee Fee was able to roll with it and still feel in control of HOW things unfolded and WHAT happened. And this is important. We can’t guarantee how our births will go, but being well-informed and savvy can help to ensure you experience your birth as positive, no matter what happens. And surely, that’s the ultimate goal.

Tokophobia Birth Story

During our chat, Cee Fee shares:

  • The strategies she used to keep her fear under control, and ultimately reduce it sufficiently to be able to embrace her birth experience
  • How she prepared for her birth
  • How she dealt with her fears instead of doing actual fear-clearance
  • What she felt as a tokophobic during her pregnancy
  • How she feels her hormones contributed to her level of fear
  • Who she had on her birth team
  • How it feels to have an epidural, and how it affected her birth
  • What she did to adapt and stay positive during the birth

It’s such a great tokophobia birth story that I hope that it inspires you if you’re tokophobic.

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About Cee Fee Dun

Cee Fee is A Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Nutritional Consultant who has spent the last decade working both one to one and with communities empowering women to take ownership of their own ability for self-care. Her absolute passion derives from her own recovery having suffered most of her adolescent life with disordered eating and poor body image and personal demons anxiety and depression. From anorexia to compulsive binge eating and bulimia, from dangerously thin to several stone overweight. Her skill set has been developed alongside her own long-lasting recovery to health.

She works with her clients rebuilding relationships with food and body image. ESPECIALLY after pregnancy. Preparation for pregnancy, pre and postnatally is where she truly comes into her own. Supporting women as they venture into motherhood. She could not be more emphatic about support during this time.

Alongside her business based in Windsor and South Bucks, she is also a dedicated online coach, writer and life style presenter who has contributed to magazines such as Body Fit and presented and written for BBC Radio One.

She lives with her 11month old baby boy Rocco and her gorgeous husband Remo in Buckinghamshire.

You can follow most of her weekly antics, recipes, nutritional tips and exercise tutorials via where there are links to all her social media platforms and her blog featuring her own journey during her pregnancy or follow her directly on Instagram for daily blogs and stories, facebook for training tips and recipes, Youtube for vlogs, Snap chat ceefeedunn for more cooking tips, question and answer time and community support

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