Positive Birth Stories

If there’s one thing that you’ll never be able to overdose on when you’re pregnant, it’s this: positive birth stories. When you’re worried about birth, it can really help to know that for many women birth happens smoothly and safely, and that there’s not really that much to worry about. So, when I decided to launch the Fear Free Childbirth podcast, I knew that I wanted to share lots of positive birth stories from real women and I’m really pleased that I’ve built up quite a collection. So I thought I’d pull them all together here for you to browse for when you need a fix.

Preparing for Motherhood, with Sophie Brigstocke

In today's podcast episode I'm honoured to be joined by Sophie Brigstocke. Sophie won Doula of the Year in 2017, so this is a real treat - my second Doula of the Year guest! As well as being a doula, Sophie also runs Nurturing Birth where she trains doulas alongside...

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A tokophobia birth story; Cee Fee’s Positive Birth

Today I'm sharing a fabulous positive birth story on the podcast. It's fabulous because it's positive and empowering birth, obviously. But also because it's a tokophobia birth story. I'm joined today by Cee Fee Dunn who admits to being completely terrified of...

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When all your worst birth fears come true

Imagine if all your worst birth fears came true. What kind of birth experience would that be? It would be easy to think that this could be the most terrifying birth experience ever. And for some it might well be, but in today's episode I'm sharing a story...

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Simone’s Fearless Birth in a Stream

There are birth stories and there are birth in a stream stories and today on the podcast I'm super chuffed to be able to bring you one of the latter. It's an incredible birth story and one that you might well have seen, or at least heard about. [spp-player optin="off"...

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Tora’s Fearless Birth Story from Sweden

My guest today is Tora, a podcast listener, and we had a few emails back and forth during her pregnancy, but what was so fabulous is that Tora emailed me to tell me about her amazing fearless birth. Tora's...

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Natasha’s conscious pregnancy and positive birth story

If I had to sum up my philosophy on life and indeed all those important aspects of life, I'd say it would be all about living consciously. So I was thrilled when Natasha, the host of the Conscious Living Podcast, approached me so that she could share her positive...

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Lucy’s Primal Birth Story

This week I'm delighted to share another positive birth story. This week Lucy HG is going to be sharing with us her primal birth story. Primal birth story? Well yes! It's primal because Lucy went all primal...

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Alexia’s Positive Birth Stories

I can't quite believe it, but this is the last episode in the first season of the Fear Free Childbirth Podcast. To finish I thought it would be nice to end with my own positive birth stories. After all,...

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