Pregnancy Support & Birth Preparation

Great news! You’re pregnant. How fabulous… congratulations!

You’re thrilled. But you’re a bit nervous too. You’re mainly excited, but on some level, you’re a tiny bit terrified. In fact, your emotions are a bit all over the place. Sound familiar?

I’m not surprised! Pregnancy is a time of huge change; your body is about to undergo a mammoth transformation, but so is your life as you prepare to be the mother of a new little human. It’s understandably exciting, but can also be a tad stressful. In fact, the emotional side of things can be a bit of a roller-coaster, especially when your hormones get going as they will magnify any negative emotion that’s lurking about.

And let’s face it, it’s easy to see why you might get stressed and emotional…

  • Your body’s doing weird things and changing all the time
  • The hormones are throwing all sorts of emotions at you
  • Any minute now, people will start to treat you differently
  • You’re wondering how your work is going to pan out
  • You’re thinking about re-arranging your life to make room for your little poppet
  • Any money worries you might have will get MAGNIFIED
  • You’re wondering how your relationship might to change
  • You might experience pregnancy symptoms that require closer attention
  • And let’s not forget the impending birth.

“Thank you so much for this week, I feel like I have luck started my journey and feel more confident knowing all the options and support there is around! X”


Phew! Deep breath!

And if like me, you’ve read about how maternal stress affects the baby, then you’ll know that this is additional stress you just don’t need. In fact, you’d rather be as stress-free as possible, so that you can marinate your baby in a delicious medley of positive emotions.

This is how I’d like to help you…

If you want to have a stress-free pregnancy and positive, fearless birth, then I want to help you. You don’t have to be pregnant either. I know that many women want to prepare and plan for their pregnancy, so if this is you – I salute you for wanting to prepare like this – well, this is for you too!

Together, we can work on any of the following;

  • Think through your birth plan options and come up with a birth plan that is right for you and your family
  • Prepare for alternative birth plans so that you have total confidence on the day of the birth
  • Identify and clear your pregnancy stresses & fears
  • Plan and prepare emotionally for pregnancy
  • Prepare for birth by helping you to identify the kind of birth you want
  • Identify and clear your pregnancy and childbirth fears
  • Clear any pregnancy or miscarriage traumas
  • Work together on powerful and effective birth visualisations to prepare your mind AND body for birth
  • Learn how to clear your fears if and when they arise during labour
  • Help you to handle the changes you’re experiencing in your life, work and relationships
  • Clear baby’s fears of birthing, that might delay their arrival
  • Connect and communicate with your body and baby
  • Reduce the impact of any pregnancy symptoms that may arise

The transition to motherhood and pregnancy is an important time in your life, and you only get one chance to prepare for your birth. So this is why I’m not going to limit the time we spend together.

If you want a weekly session, you got it! Need a pep talk over WhatsApp? You got it! I’ll be there for you in whichever way you need me.

 I know how important it is for a mama to feel like there’s someone there who will listen to her without judgement or criticism.

This means that you can approach your birth from a happy, calm and confident place. Being stress-free in your final weeks is crucial if you don’t want to delay the onset of labour. A calm mind will also help you to remain clear in your thinking so that you can think through any decisions you need to make from a place of calmness and not fear.

Did you know that the emotions you experience during pregnancy impact your baby?

It is well-researched that your emotional ups and downs don’t go unnoticed by your baby. The emotions that you experience are creating the marinade that your baby will be bathing in until its arrival and will set their emotional blueprint. Your pregnancy is the perfect time to deal with your emotional baggage so that your baby doesn’t end up carrying it too.

Give your baby the gift of beautiful, positive emotions, without the yucky stuff.

Pregnancy & Birth Preparation

Childbirth and labour can be hard work, and for some, just the very thought of it triggers pangs of terror and stress. This goes for those who aren’t pregnant yet. As with many physically demanding challenges (marathon anyone?), the secret to success is in the mental and emotional preparation.

Taking the time to prepare for your labour and birth in advance, means that you can MASSIVELY improve your chances of a positive fear-free birthing experience.

Would you like to…?

  • Discover how to clear your pregnancy stresses & fears yourself … so that you can de-stress whenever and wherever you want
  • Have a birth plan you can have confidence in …. so that if things don’t go as planned, it is still a positive birth experience
  • Build your emotional resilience … to give you the strength you need for motherhood and beyond
  • Learn how to tune into and respond to your body … so that you better cope with pregnancy and labour
  • A calmer and more confident attitude to your childbirth … so that you can look forward to it free of fear

How I can support you…

Plan & Prep Sessions When You Need Them

These sessions are to help you plan and think things through. Perhaps you want to have a quick catch up each week, or maybe you’d prefer a longer session less frequently. Whichever works best for you. My aim is to fit in with you and what you need at that moment in time. These are 15 or 30-minute catch ups generally, but if you need a longer session, then that’s fine too. These are ideal to plan in around your healthcare appointments to help you prepare or make sense of them. (Note: these are not clearance sessions)

Fear Clearance Session

To help you achieve your fearless birth, I include a fear-clearance session each month. You might think you have no fears, but this might change as time goes on. Fears have a nasty habit of popping up unannounced! This way, if they do, you’ve got a plan and you don’t need to worry.

Fear Clearance Meditations

I have a collection of 6 x fear-clearance meditations that have been created to help you with common pregnancy and birth fears and include Fear of Pain, Fear of Needles & Injections, and Fear of Losing Control. These audios are like the equivalent of a session with me which means you can make the most of our time together. This collection is worth £90.

Access To My Online Programs & Resources

I have a number of online programs to help you prepare for your birth. My Birth Prep Program takes you through the 9 Essential Steps of Birth Prep for a fearless birth, while my Fearless Birthing Academy teaches you how to clear your fears and prepare emotionally for a positive birth experience. Together these are worth £448 and you can enjoy access to them while we’re working together.

Unlimited Email Support

We don’t have to speak for me to be able to help you. Perhaps email works better at times. No problem! You can email me as much as you want during our time together. Questions? Emotional vents? I can take it, and if I need to hunt about for an answer for you, I will. With my extensive contacts in the pregnancy, birth and mindset industries, I’m sure to be able to find just what you need.

On Call During Your Birth

If your due date falls during our time together, then you have my direct line to call me ANYTIME no matter what timezone you’re in or the time of day. Perhaps you’d rather have someone at the end of the phone rather than in-person support like a doula. If so, this is ideal. I’ve even had some clients with doulas who have chosen to have this extra emotional support on tap – just in case!

Choose the support package that’s right for you…

You're interested in working with me? Great! I'd love that!

Perhaps you’d prefer a chat first to be super sure. No problem!

I totally understand. (This is important stuff).

I want you to do the right thing for you and your family.

I refuse to work any other way. (I have standards too!)

If you’re serious about overcoming your fears and know that you can’t do that alone, book yourself a call with me – we can figure out your next step, together.

Whether that’s with me, or somebody else. (It’s ok, I can handle it!)

Here’s what you need to do next:

  1. Fill in the application form letting me know more about you
  2. One of my team will be in touch to book some time with you
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