When you’re pregnant, the emotional ups and downs that come from having a boost in your crazy hormones can mean that there are days when being pregnant just sucks. Or, there are days when you’re just DONE with it. Let me have this baby already!

Towards the end of my second pregnancy, this was definitely where my head was at and I knew it wasn’t a good place to stay for very long. Feeling frustrated and stressed is OK in short bursts, but if it seems like it’s lurking and lingering then it needs attention. For me, towards the end of my pregnancy I was just getting fed up with lots of little tiny things that on their own are nothing; but together felt like crap and I realised that I just need to shift my thinking a bit so that I wouldn’t get as frustrated by it all. So I decided to turn to an exercise that I use quite a bit with my Head Trash Clearance clients. It’s super simple….

When you’re feeling affected by something that you’re perceiving to be negative (because remember, things aren’t ACTUALLY bad, we just THINK they’re bad), then all you need to do is this; come up with 30 reasons why the thing you think is bad, IS GOOD. Or to put it another way, Think of 30 reasons why you love this thing that you hate.

What’s great about this exercise is that is can very quickly change your thinking. Why? Well for starters…

  • you’re focusing on the positive aspect of something
  • you’re actively searching for positive things about this thing
  • 30 is quite a big number and you’ll probably find it hard, so it pushes you to be creative, silly and open-minded
  • you drop assumptions about things to hit your target, assumptions which might turn out to be silly and pointless, but you held onto them anyway and perhpas now you realise how silly they are

I started with all of the things that were winding me up and tried to turn them on their head. In doing so, it made me look for the possible positive aspect within it… and for many of them, it turned out that I was able to hold on to that view in the weeks that followed. It really helped me to stay calm when faced with those things that previoulsy wound me up… I just wish I had done it sooner! Before those things got to the wind-me-up stage!

The truth was that most of the time I’d put my hand on heart and say that “I love being pregnant” but sure, there were days when I didn’t.. and I just wanted to make sure that the “I love being pregnant” vibe was the one that was sounding the loudest to my baby.

So here are my 30 reasons why I love being pregnant…. hopefully some of these resonate with you too!

30 reasons why I LOVE being pregnant

1. Enjoy the daily awe-inspiring feeling that comes from knowing that you’re growing a life-form inside you.
2. Appreciate other women who feel an immediate connection to you and come over and make conversation… and enjoy those conversations as the precious moments they are.
3. Have the perfect excuse to slum about in slip-on flats, baggy tops and leggings.
4. Amuse at other people touching your body/bump without invitation… and yet enjoy the fact that it’s not a sexual pervy thing.. FOR ONCE!
5. Have the perfect excuse to EAT WHAT YOU WANT!!!! IN THE QUANTITY YOU WANT!! No – I didn’t deprive myself of the usual pregnancy no-go foods – apart from mussels and pate. I gave my body and baby what they wanted.
6. Appreciate the forced slowness in movement that, gives you a new perspective when out walking.
7. Indulge in developing your hermit qualities…. necessary side effect of needing to be within 20 yards of a toilet.
8. Have an excuse for whiskers on your legs.. as cats do, we pregnant women need them to see if we can get through the gap.
9. Enjoy the lack of guilt that comes from not bothering with the housework or cleaning… too difficult/tiring/painful/dangerous.
10. Wallowing in the good feeling that comes from knowing that you’re being super healthy, and your body LOVES you for it!
11. Being curious and amazed at how you can heal yourself with natural alternatives when most drugs are off limits… and how this changes your thinking FOREVER.
12. Not getting stressed that you keep bursting out of your clothes as you get bigger.
13. Having the perfect excuse to get out of washing up ‘I can’t reach the tap!’
14. Watch and experience your body transform right in front of you as nature does its thing… and realise that nature is so much more powerful than we could ever be.
15. Relish parking like an idiot in the car park by taking up 2 spaces… just so that I can get in/out of my car.
16. All the wonderful support, love and cuddles from The Daddy!
17. Adore the daily kisses and cuddles that my daughter Lila gave the bump as she told it that she loves it. And realise that another gorgeous little thing like it is on the way!
18. Saving a fortune on wine / going out / taxis / clothes / ridiculous shoes < delete as appropriate, or just tick ALL!
19. Being able to stay in bed all day and NOT be called lazy… despite feeling it.
20. Having the perfect excuse not to exercise or go to the gym. Even though some of my pregnant friends show me up in this area.. I’m looking at you Caroline!
21. Spending my maternity leave practicing for next year’s Great British Bake Off. And being able to eat the fruits of my efforts without feeling guilty.
22. Appreciating other women who tell you how fabulous and glowing you look… despite feeling like a beach whale! Guys tend to tell us how BIG we’re looking…. ‘fabulous’ and ‘glowing’ are much better words! Dob’t forget to remind them!
23. Relish the challenge of finding yet another thing to say when asked ‘So, how the pregnancy is going?’… It stimulates creativity!
24. If being pregnant was eternal.. then I’m on track as i’m enjoying avoiding thinking about what the name might be, if it’s a girl.
25. Being able to sleep. (This is utter crap actually, because, I’ve not slept well for about 6 months, AND NO IT’S NOT TRAINING!! )
26. Have a excuse for being a muppett and not thinking straight.. not that it makes any easier, but at least you have a get out clause.
27. Getting away with taking up so much room in bed.
28. Getting free dental care.. not that I managed to this time round – bum!
29. Have an excuse for food stains down my front from being so damn far from my plate.
30. Feel sexy from HAVING A CLEAVAGE!!!!!


I’d love to know what some of your reasons are. Please share in the comments!

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