The time I discovered I was pregnant for the first time…

“It was the quiet post Christmas lull, when I really started to worry about my aching boobs. My boobs had started hurting when I was in the US in mid December at a Tony Robbins event. If you’ve been to a Tony Robbins event, you’ll know that there’s lots of leaping about in a high energy kind of way. Lucky for me I was also feeling like I had a mild flu. I say mild, because I was still able to go to the event – flu would have kept me in bed I’m sure!
Anyway, back to the boobs. All this leaping about did not help my boobs to feel any better, so much so that I had to hold them. Not a good look I can assure you! I had decided that my aching boobs might be the side effect of putting on a bit of weight. I had not long got back from travelling around Vietnam where the dishes, especially the French pastries are simply delicious! Having not done a lot of exercise during my trip, I could be pretty sure that I’d put some weight on. I wasn’t happy about this, but now my boobs were hurting, I was beginning to think that maybe my boobs had got bigger and that my bra wasn’t fitting right. Suddenly, things were looking up. I don’t mind having a curve down below if it’s matched up above! Once I’d reached this conclusion, my achy boobs made me smile!

I arrived home just before Christmas and found myself sleeping through most of Christmas. Not good. And, for some reason I wasn’t massively keen on drinking the glasses of wine that were being poured for me. I put this down to jetlag and that damn fluey thing that I had in the US.

Looking back, I realise what a muppet I was! Anyway, January came and my tits still hurt. I was now getting worried. I’d read that aching boobs can sometimes be a sign of breast cancer. I had lost my mum to breast cancer so I was a considered high risk.

So, I arranged for a trip to the docs. The first question she asked me was whether I was pregnant. Pregnant?! It hadn’t even occurred to me! Shit! She just smiled a knowing smile and ordered me off to get a pregnancy test. So, that’s what I did.”


Alexia Leachman
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