Today’s podcast is not just for pregnant mammas; it’s for the dads-to-be too! Well, let’s not forget that dads have fears too and if we are to prepare for a fear free birth, then we need to help dads to clear their fears too. If dad can be well prepared and fear free for the birth, then he is much better able to be the rock you need him to be during the birth.

Birthing for BlokesSo, to help me tackle the important subject of helping dads to prepare for birth, I have a fabulous guest; Mark Harris is the founder of Birthing for Blokes and he educates men around the delicate and yet important matter of birth. But, not only that he is also a midwife. One of only 91 male midwives in the UK out of 38,000 midwives in total. So, a rare breed indeed. He also has a book coming out in September; Men, Love & Birth which you can preorder now.

During our chat, Mark shares so much fasinating information that it’s well worth the mammas listening too…

  • how the different way that our hormones work result in our differing behaviours
  • why different environmental factors are required to de-stress a man compared to a woman, and what that means for birth
  • typical fears that dads have
  • ways in which dads can prepare for the birth to help keep the oxytocin flowing
  • how to identify a hormonal imbalance in a guy that could lead to post-partum depression, for him! …. and what to do about it
  • how to take emotion our of a situation and tips on becoming more mindful

Mark shares insights, statistics, findings from research and so much more during our chat.  To follow Mark and his work, you can find him on Twitter, Facebook or at his blog.

Alexia Leachman
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