The childbirth marathon

Childbirth is often compared to running a marathon and for good reason. The physical and emotional demands are not dissimilar. A recent study showed that childbirth put an equivalent (if not more) level of stress and trauma on the body as running a marathon.

So I thought I’d take this comparison a step further and explore the kind of messages that women are frequently subjected to when pregnant and see how those same messages might look if she was putting herself forward for a marathon instead.

This is to highlight the ridiculousness of what pregnant women have to put up with and to show how our culture encourages fear among women when it comes to birth.

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As you know, I’m working to REDUCE fear among women when it comes to birth, and a huge part of this is simply putting the record straight. But who says we can’t have a bit of fun in the process 😉

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging on the childbirth marathon theme.

If you would like to join in then PLEASE DO – the more the merrier! Keep me posted on your childbirth marathon efforts so that I can give you an internet high five!

In my first blog, I take a look how ridiculous it that whenever we see birth portrayed on TV and in films, that she is ALWAYS on her back.

1# No need to give birth on your back. In fact DON’T!

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Whenever we see birth portrayed on TV and in films, that she is ALWAYS on her back.And yet, we know that this is the last position that you would actually choose to birth your baby. What would this look like if we applied this thinking to a marathon runner I wonder. Well, wonder no more! I’ve done all the wondering for you right here > No need to give birth on your back. In fact DON’T!


2. Home birth; bravery has NOTHING to do with it!

Do you think this is the face of a crazy woman?

To me she appears to be a confident woman who trusts her body to do what it knows to do; to run. Why wouldn’t a human being know how to run? It’s part of our DNA. We need to be able to run to survive. It’s not something we have to learn, we just KNOW how to do it. READ MORE HERE.

3. Failure to progress? Seriously?!

Let me me introduce you to Naomi. She’s about to take part in her first marathon.

In preparing for the marathon she’s come up with a time that she’d like to complete the marathon by and she feels pretty confident. But she’s got a niggle because there’s something bothering her; she knows she needs to finish within this time because otherwise she will be labelled as someone experiencing failure to progress by the marathon organisers and then they’ll interfere and do whatever is necessary to get her over the finish line.
If you’ve been subject to these types of comments, I’d love to hear about them. Just let me know in the comments! Or tag me on instagram.

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