Are you due any day?

Then this is for you!

This post is inspired by and dedicated to Alia, one of my podcast listeners. I decided to touch base with Alia as I knew she was due around now and she replied to let me know that I was emailing her ON HER DUE DATE!

Her little mister still hadn’t made an appearance but that she was feeling great and looking forward to the birth. When I was replying to her, I immediately thought of lots of things I wanted to say to her, but it was late and I was supposed to be turning the light out and going to sleep, so I kept it short.

But in the morning, I thought that I’d still like to share some words with her and then it hit me.. why not turn it into a podcast?! I’m sure there there are other mamas who are due any day might appreciate hearing these words too. So that is where today’s podcast has come from.

Here are the 4 things that I want to say to you if you’re due any day

1. Be patient

I know this bit can be really hard. We can’t help it, we have a due date in our heads and we focus on it waiting for it to arrive. It symbolises such a momentous event; the actual birth, meeting our little one, becoming a mother..again maybe, saying goodbye to our old life, welcoming the new… This is BIG! and yet, we don’t know exactly when it’s going to unfold. Towards the end, you can feel pretty fed with the whole pregnancy thing and you just want it to end. The trick here is be mindful and stay in the present. Easier than it sounds I know! But if you focus on anything other than the here and now

2. Create a bubble of positive calmness for yourself

Try to start disconnected from the real world.. social media, TV and start going within. This calmness before the storm won’t last long so claim it while you can. This is when we reap the benefits of telling people a due month, or adding a couple of weeks to the due date that you share with people because you probably won’t be getting all those texts and FB messages asking for updates yet. You can read more about my view on due dates here.

3. Connect & talk to your baby

Some people find this hard, but it’s actually very simple. Find a quiet spot for you to be undisturbed…maybe sitting under a tree at the park, on a lounger in the garden, or just at home on a load of cushions. Once you’re comfy, just start to feel your baby through your belly. Maybe push down a bit to let them know you’d like to chat. And then, just start talking! You can do this in your head if you want, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the intention and the feeling that lies behind what you’re saying.

Here are some of the things that I was saying to my little one while I was waiting for her

How are you?

I’m really looking forward to meet you!

Are you ready to come out?

I’d just like to share with you how I’d like our birth to go…
you, me and my body know exactly how to do this so it should all be fine.

I totally trust you and my body to be able to bring you out safely and smoothly

I know that the best thing for me to do is to step aside and let you two run the show.. but I’ll be there if you need me to… you know that right?

It’s going to be painless for both of us… so there’s no need to worry. I’m saying that for my benefit too by the way!

We’re going to enjoy it… it’s exciting! I bet you’re excited… I am!

Daddy CAN NOT WAIT to meet you! He’s going to be the first person that you touch.. how’s that for a welcome!

We’re going to be able to look back on your arrival with joy and happiness

Now, I’ve heard that second births are half as long as first births, so this means that you might show up in 3 hours. I’m totally cool with that. In fact, a short birth would be nice. So, how about we wrap this whole thing up in 3 hours? Yep? I’m up for that if you are. There’s no point dragging this thing out.. You know what you’re doing and my body knows what it’s doing. As long as I get out the way this shouldn’t be a problem. Yep? Cool.

4. MOVE!

Keep moving! It doesn’t have to be massively exhausting and energetic. Even if you’re sitting around on your swiss ball gyrating and having a bounce to some music. I remember listening to 2 rounds of Nemone’s Electric Ladyland’s show while in a hypnotic trance on the day before baby arrived… just bouncing, swaying and getting up every now and then for a dance. Looking back that was 6 hours worth! I just flew by!
Maybe go for walks, or do some yoga…. just something to connect to your body. You’re going to be working as a team soon, create that connection as best you can.

And finally, just remember this.

You’ve got this!

Remember to trust that your body KNOWS what to do.

Your body is MADE for doing this. It will not let you down.. as long as you trust in the process and surrender to it.

Good luck!

Alexia Leachman
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