I’m so pleased to be able to bring you this lovely positive VBAC story with you today. My guest this week is Elsie Escobar who is sharing both her birth stories, including her positive VBAC story. She has not shared this with anyone other than her mum. It’s beautiful.

I know Elsie through my podcasting community and as one of the co-hosts of the She Podcasts podcast. When I said I wanted to share a positve VBAC story she jumped right in. She was really keen to add her voice of support to VBAC mamas and get her story out there. She has not even shared this story with anyone other than her mum.

It’s beautiful.

Positive VBAC story

In our frank and open chat, Elsie talks about her first pregnancy and the circumstances that lead to her emergency c-section. She shares some of the fears that took up her head space during her first pregnancy; fear of miscarriage, fears around being an older mum – and how that changed once she hit her second trimester. As a yoga teacher, Elsie was keen for a natural birth with her first baby, but that was not to be. She goes on to tell me how she felt in the aftermath of her c-section and her road to emotional recovery.

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We then fast forward to her second pregnancy and her journey to her beautifully positive VBAC, which is just fabulous. And Elsie’s even shared some gorgeous pics of her lovely VBAC baby, Mae with Hunter, her big sister.

It’s a wonderful story that I hope will inspire other mamas who are hoping for a VBAC.

Enjoy x




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