isaac sofiaIn this episode I’m thrilled to be able to share with you another fabulous positive birth story.

Today I chat to Emily Haslam-Jones, a pregnancy yoga teacher, who had little Isaac earlier this year. I know Emily from my local Home Birth Group here in Nottingham (UK) and so today’s podcast chat is live and in person, as opposed to via Skype. And… we did it with two tiny sleeping babies in the room! Little Isaac was weeks old and my Sofia was a few months old.. they were very good, with one of them stirring only briefly towards the end of our chat. Here they are when we met up again a month or so later #cuties

Emily’s story is so great to hear for so many reasons;

  • she shares her journey about being diagnosed with gestational diabetes and how she had to handle the pressure from the medical consultants
  • how she used her previous work experience in conflict zones as a humanitarian worker to help her prepare her Birth Plan
  • how she approached dealing with and facing her fears during her pregnancy journey
  • what she used to help her prepare for her birth
  • how she learned to rely more and more on her intuition during her pregnancy and then in her birth

and so much more!

Alexia Leachman
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