Unfortunately having a fear of childbirth or labour is pretty common but the thing is it needn’t be because there are now many techniques available to us that can effectively clear fears. Unfortunately most of these require you to visit (and pay) someone who is not only trained in using them, but can use them well… not always easy!

How to clear your fear of childbirth

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But, today I’m going to share with you a technique that not only clears fears away super effectively, but that you can use yourself without being trained. The only requirement on your part is to be able to read and then commit to do the work.

In today’s podcast, I want to share with you how you can clear your fear of childbirth, or indeed any other fear. It’s the technique that I used successfully on ALL my childbirth and labour fears (as well as a load of other stressy life stuff) to enable me to have two incredible fear free births. This might sound like no big deal, but I started my pregnancy journey in a complete state of terror and fear when it came to childbirth. The mere thought of a birth canal or reading about childbirth in a newspaper would have me in tears.

1. Identify your fears

The first step here is to identify your fears. So, have a bit of a brainstorm and jot down all the things that terrify you when it comes to childbirth or labour. Don’t hold back.. even the silly-sounding ones. It really doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you need to purge them from your mind and body and the first step is to name and shame them.

2. Get your copy of the Fear Clearance Technique

The second step is to get hold of the lite version of the technique that will enable you to do the clearance work. I’ve called this technique the 5 Step Head Trash Clearance Method and it’s my simplified version of a new technique from the field of Energy Psychology called Reflective Repatterning.

The full version of the 5 Step Clearance Technique requires more training and explanation than I can do right here so instead I’m going to talk you through the Lite version, which you can get hold of for free below.


While the Lite version doesn’t have the clearance power of the full technique, it can still bring amazing results. There are two occasions that spring to mind when i’ve used it and it’s been life changing; to clear my fear of needles and injections, and during labour when I was crowning! (you can hear full details on the podcast!).

Now of course other fear-clearance techniques are available, but as a therapist and coach, I have trained in quite a few and this is the one that has worked the best for me EVER.

3. Clear your fears!

Once you have received your 5 Step guide, it’s time to start the clearance work. And this is where the magic happens! The more you use this technique, the more you’ll want to.. the results can be quite addictive. I got carried away during my pregnancy and developed quite a habit, which ended up preparing me beautifully for the challenges of becoming a new mum. I didn’t stop at my fear of childbirth and pregnancy stresses, I went on to clear my life stresses too.

More help if you want it

I’ve created a FREE VIDEO TRAINING SERIES to help you to reduce your childbirth fears.  If you’d like to sign up to receive it, just fill in the banner on the right hand side of this blog post (On desktop anyhow. On mobile it might appear lower down this page.)


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