pregnancy body changes

Worrying about pregnancy body changes is something most pregnant women worry about. Whether it’s the expected changes in the shape of your body as pregnancy progresses, to the least expected changes that might happen as a result of birth complications – and everything in between! Pregnancy body changes are a huge source of worry for women which is why I wanted to talk about this on the podcast.

To help do that I’m going to be joined by Bianca and Natasha from Bebo Mia. They have a doula business and have been working with women for over 10 years so they’ve seen it all when it comes to women getting worried about pregnancy body changes.
We cover quite a few angles when it comes to pregnancy body changes, from plus size pregnancies, to being pregnant when fit and of course vaginal tearing.. and lots more.

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Pregnancy Body Changes

The adjustment you need to go through in how you perceive your body once you’re pregnant is quite significant. Many women have worries when it comes to pregnancy body changes which mean they struggle with this adjustment. This is particularly so for women who have strong feelings around their body – whether that’s love because they’ve spent a lot of effort being fit or whether they don’t like their body.
Common worries and fears around pregnancy body changes include;
  • “why isn’t my pregnancy going like a “normal” pregnancy?” ….. whatever *that* is!
  • “I’m worried about gaining too much weight during my pregnancy”


Plus size pregnancy

We talk about BMI measurement and the obese categories. Yes, a BMI of 30 and above carries risks,  but it’s simply an increased risk, not an absolute or guaranteed outcome. As with all risks, it’s crucial to understand what the numbers are telling you. The important thing to bear in mind is that with plus size pregnancies, positive outcomes are all possible!
Did you know that a common misguided belief is that overweight women are not strong enough to birth their babies? And another is that their vagina will be too fat. Yes, you read that right.

A fat vagina!

Since when can you get a fat vagina?? How can a hole get fat? #crazytalk
We also talk about the importance of ditching the yo-yo dieting habit

Fit women

The Bebo Mia ladies are clear to state that it’s important for women to give themselves at least 6 weeks to recover. They encourage women to connect to their postpartum body rather than focus on trying to re-establish their pre-baby body.
Another common problem is that some women are too scared to gain weight during pregnancy, with some women working out too much because they’re worried about gaining more than 25 pounds.

Changes down below

No chat about pregnancy body changes would be complete without talking about vaginal tearing. I know! Vaginal tearing is a HUGE fear among pregnant women. And yet interestingly, when I speak to women about their birth stories, vaginal tearing rarely features as something they worry about during birth – with many not even noticing it happening when it does. This vagina talk also covers;
  • the husband stitch
  • the importance of pelvic work


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About bebo mia

bebo mia is a training & mentorship organization for women in the maternal health field, including pregnancy/birth professionals, childbirth educators & parenting specialists. They offer comprehensive skills, business support & community care through an innovative online structure that spans a global market. 

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