head trash clearance method

The Head Trash Clearance Method is a powerful method that can help you to clear the head trash that is standing between you and the life you want. Perhaps you want to feel calmer, lighter and happier. Or maybe there are certain outcomes you’re looking to achieve in your life, like start a business or get a new job, and for some reason, you don’t feel able to do. Usually, the thing that stands between where we are and where we want to be is in our head.

When it comes to pregnancy and birth preparation, your head trash is probably going to be things like

  • your pregnancy stresses and fears
  • fears about birth or labour
  • life stressors that are affecting your pregnancy

The Head Trash Clearance Method is the fear-clearance technique that I used to clear all of my pregnancy and childbirth fears. I was a tokophobic (tokophobia is the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth) and this was able to clear my fears pretty swiftly.

I talk about the Head Trash Clearance Method a lot during the podcast and it is one of the techniques that I teach in my online program the Fearless Birthing Academy. I also have lots of birth stories that I share where women have talked about using it to prepare for their birth. If you want to hear one, you can listen to Grace’s story or Tora’s story.

If you would like to give it a go, I offer a free download of the LITE version so that you can give it a go. Of course, the LITE version isn’t as powerful as the full version, but you can have a try and see if it’s something that you’re happy using. If you decide that you would like to use it for clearing your head trash then are several ways that you can use it;

Buy one of my books; Fearless Birthing or Clear Your Head Trash

I explain how to use the clearance method in both my books. Fearless Birthing: Clear Your fears For A Positive Birth is ideal if your preparing for pregnancy and birth. Not only does it include the clearance method, but it helps you to apply it to your birth prep.

Buy Fearless Birthing on Amazon. Buy Fearless Birthing Kindle Version on this site here.

In Clear Your Head Trash: How to Create Clarity, Peace & Confidence in Your Life & Work I share the clearance method in the context of applying it to your life in general.

Buy the Head Trash Clearance Method course

This online programme is packed with videos, audios and PDFs to help you to master using this technique for self-use. To find out more about the course visit.

Join the Fearless Birthing Academy

This online programme is designed to help you to prepare for your birth. Within the Fearless Birthing Academy, there are several techniques in addition to the Head Trash Clearance Method that I teach that can help you to prepare mentally and emotionally for your birth. Find out more about the program here. I also use the Head Trash Clearance Method in my Tokophobia Support Program.

Buy a Fear Clearance Meditation

If you’re short of time or are not really interested in learning how to use the technique, but you’d still like to try it out, then perhaps a Fearless Birthing Meditation might be more up your street. I’ve created a range of Fearless Birthing Meditations that tackle specific pregnancy and birth fears. You can check them out here.

Book a Private Session

As a therapeutic coach the Head Trash Clearance Method and the technique it’s derived from, Reflective Repatterning, is one of my most used techniques. I use other stuff too, depending on what my clients need. But if you’d like to experience it for yourself, then I offer a range of private sessions depending on the support you need. Find out more about the sessions I offer here.

Download the LITE version

If you want to give it a go and try the LITE version of the Head Trash Clearance Method, then you can get hold of it here.

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