Online Courses & Programs to Support You on

Your Journey to Motherhood

I’m committed to helping you to become a Fearless Mama and I’ve got something for you no matter what your budget is or where you’re at.

Maybe you’re pregnant, maybe you’re not.

Maybe you’re fearful, maybe you’re not.

Maybe you’re on a budget, maybe you’re not.

If you’re preparing for motherhood and want support in preparing for your pregnancy and birth, then I’ve got you covered.

Take a look at the courses and programs I offer that can help you to prepare for birth and beyond

Meditations to clear your mind and prepare for birth

These mp3s have been created to help you to prepare (and achieve!) a positive birth experience. The collection includes meditations for the most common pregnancy and birth fears including;

  • Fear of Pain
  • Fear of Losing Control
  • Fear of Pooing and Weeing
  • Fear of Losing Dignity
  • Fear of Needles & Injections

“I lay in the garden and listened to a meditation yesterday and I can honestly say it was AMAZING!

I don’t know how it works but something works. Angus asked me how I was feeling about the birth and I said “OK”. He nearly fell over! By the end of the meditation, I was like “Yeah I will probably crap myself or throw up but, meh! whatever!”

THANK YOU, thank you! I have finally found some peace”


Clear your fears and prepare for your positive birth experience, whatever the outcome

Approach your birth with fearless confidence. This birth prep course focuses on getting your mindset to a place that will mean that, no matter what happens on the day, you will be able to stay calm AND feel positively about your birth afterwards. It is packed with tools, techniques and resources to prepare you to birth your baby confidently and fearlessly.

  • Discover how to clear your pregnancy and birth fears
  • Find out how to reduce your experience of pain
  • Learn about tools and techniques you can use during birth to stay in your zone
  • Includes fear-clearance meditations

“I had the most amazing positive and empowering birth” …. despite all her worst fears coming true!

“There isn’t a thing I would change about my amazing birth experience. I never would have realized the amount of control I have over my own mind and thus my birth if I hadn’t used Alexia’s extraordinary methods”


No-nonsense preparation to help you feel confident about your birth

Reduce the overwhelm and focus on what matters. These prep classes cut through all fluff and focus on the essential steps of birth preparation while ensuring your mindset is being prepped too. With this program I want to help you to find the RIGHT BIRTH FOR YOU and then PREPARE for it;

  • Activities to help you make important decisions about your birth
  • Birth classes and expert guest interviews to help you get savvy and think things through
  • Birth plan templates & birth prep checklists to save you time
  • Pregnancy and birth information to reduce the Google overwhelm & scare-fest
  • Curated sources of evidence-based information so that you have info you can trust


“Thank you for this!

It’s has been an amazing journey for me to really dig deep and face some fears. I had so much research to do and I am feeling more and more empowered with each new bit of information I find.”


For women who want to overcome their pregnancy and birth phobia

This 4-week online program is a version of the Fearless Birthing Academy that has been adapted especially for women with tokophobia. The online program is combined with calls with me, and you can choose from three levels to suit your needs and your budget;

  • Group program that runs a few times a year
  • One-to-one calls with Alexia for guidance and support
  • Weekly therapy sessions with Alexia

This program truly delivers. 

If you have fears around pregnancy and labor, the time to face them is NOW!  Do it now so you can enjoy your pregnancy and feel empowered the whole way through! My biggest regret is not doing this work sooner!! I wish I had cleared my fears with Alexia BEFORE I got pregnant!”


Clear your fears, anxieties and stresses for birth & beyond

Restore calm, confidence and peace in your mind and life quickly and easily. This online course teaches you how to use the head trash clearance method and apply it to various aspects of your life. This course is ideal if you want to reduce the stresses and anxieties in your life, and calm the chatter in your mind.

  • SIMPLE to use and EASY to learn
  • Easy to follow videos
  • Fast-acting emotional clearance
  • Use it in pregnancy, during your labour, and even with your kids!
  • Can be used to clear deep-rooted fears and tokophobia

“The head trash clearance method has had such a profound impact on my pregnancy.

When a fear popped up, I spent 5-10 mins using it and the fear was gone! It was incredibly empowering to know I could successfully rid myself of a fear in such a short period of time.

As my birth approached I felt at peace and excited to meet my daughter. With my fears cleared I knew I could handle anything that came my way.

The head trash clearance method was pivotal in allowing me to have such an incredible birth”