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Tokophobia, the fear of birth and pregnancy, is a damaging, silent phobia that isolates women. In this talk, Alexia shares her insights from her work with women suffering from tokophobia, along with strategies for overcoming it. 

Post Natal Depression & PTSD

PND and PTSD is every woman’s nightmare. In this talk, Alexia shares how women can prepare for their birth that can help them to minimise their experiencing post-natal depression and PTSD.

Media: Creators of Fear

In this talk, Alexia exposes the damaging myths that the media perpetuate around childbirth and their psychological impact on women of childbearing age. 

Fearless Birthing

In this talk, Alexia talks about her new Fearless Birthing approach and how it can help empower women to have births they feel positively about.


Alexia is the host of the award-nominated Fear Free Childbirth podcast, an author, a therapeutic coach and a trainer. She supports women on their journey to motherhood and trains birth workers in her fear-clearance method.

Alexia was formerly a speaker on mindset and marketing to business audiences and spoke at numerous large conferences and regional events all over the UK. When Alexia became pregnant she found out she had tokophobia, the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth. She was able to overcome her phobia using the mindset techniques that she teaches and in doing so realised how much of a problem fear is for women around birth. Alexia is now committed helping women and birth workers take the fear out of birth, and to help women boost their emotional resilience and find their power so that they can become the strong mothers our world needs.


Fearless Birthing

Alexia’s book helps women to shift their mindset around birth and teaches them how to clear their fears during pregnancy and labour.

Fear Free Childbirth

This book accompanies the podcast and includes several contributions from past podcast guests including Sophie Fletcher, Mark Harris and Susie Gower.

Childbirth, Midwifery and the Media

This book, edited by a team at Bournemouth University addresses the theoretical and practical implications facing representations of midwifery and media: a first of its kind. Alexia contributed a chapter on “How Media Promote Fear Around Childbirth”.


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“Alexia gave an outstanding talk at our event. She was informative, thought-provoking and above all fun! Our audience loved Alexia and wanted her back again.”

Nick Barker

Event Organiser, Notts Tuesday

“Really relevant and enjoyed the presentation – great delivery and humour! Alexia definitely knows her stuff. Would not hesitate in recommending.”

Graham Bassett

Conference Organiser, ASIS

“Alexia came to give our delegates a talk on Clearing your Head Trash, this was a very interesting evening that gave myself and the people attending tools to take away with them that they are able to use during their busy lifestyles. The interaction of the delegates with Alexia was the most I have seen for a while.”

Dave Evans

Event Organiser, ACCA

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