WEBINAR: Fearless Birthing for Birth Workers

How to help women prepare for a fear free childbirth

In this webinar, I’ll share what I’ve learned in helping hundreds of women from all over the world to prepare for their fear free birth. I’ll be sharing my insights from helping women to overcome tokophobia as well as tips for helping women to lose the fear.

Fearless Birthing, the book

Clear fears for a positive birth. A book for expectant parents and birth companions alike.

Fearless Birthing: Clear Your Fears for a Positive Birth is your essential road map to confront and conquer the fears that stand between you and a fearless birth.

My unique Fear-Clearance Method is the tool needed for expectant parents and birth companions to mentally and emotionally prepare for birth.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A step on from hypnobirthing

Best book I’ve read about birthing and this is my third baby.

It’s the one book I’d recommend.


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Fearless Birthing Professional Training

Help women to prepare for a positive birth by clearing their fears, and teaching them emotional strength and resilience.

Fearless Birthing Professional Training is for birth professionals, doulas, midwives and therapists who want to help women to prepare for pregnancy and birth.

Learn a unique fear-clearance technique that can help women to overcome their anxieties, fears and phobias around birth and help them to strengthen their emotional resilience in preparation for birth.

I believe every single birth worker would benefit from having access to this course! 

Heidi Thaden-Pierce

Doula, Birth Photographer