Hello and welcome!

If you’ve arrived here then perhaps you think you suffer tokophobia, the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth.

Let me start by letting you know this: it IS possible to overcome tokophobia. I know because I did and I now help other women to do the same.

If you have tokophobia and would like to overcome it, then read on; you’re in the right place!

Are you looking for help with your tokophobia?

I offer a number of ways to help you depending on the level of support you’re looking for. From a total DIY approach – using my Fearless Birthing online course – to a fully supported one-to-one relationship as your therapeutic coach.

If you want to overcome tokophobia using my unique methods and approach, below are the ways that I can support you.

Fearless Birthing Course

This program has been created with pregnancy and birth preparation in mind and shows you how to apply my fear clearance method specifically to overcoming pregnancy and birth fears and anxieties. My course also shows you how to prepare emotionally and mentally for birth, so that you can build your resilience and ability to cope before the big day.

This program also includes

A copy of my book, Fearless Birthing

Fear Clearance masterclasses

Fear-clearance meditations

3 additional emotional clearance techniques

How to reduce your experience of pain

Mindset tools for boosting positivity & restoring calmness


Tokophobia Support Program

The Tokophobia Support Program is a combination of the Fearless Birthing program and one-to-one support. It includes a special version of the Fearless Birthing for tokophobia sufferers.

This one-month program is designed to blitz through the bulk of your tokophobia, if not eradicate it completely.

In addition to the Fearless Birthing online course, this program also includes;

6 fear-clearance meditations

4 weekly private calls with Alexia PLUS one extra call to use later

Support, guidance & direction on your clearance journey

Private messaging and video support with Alexia 


Fearful to Fearless

Fearful to Fearless is my program for those who want dedicated private support in overcoming their deepest and darkest fears and anxieties. 

This is a 3-month intensive program in which I guide you along you fear-clearance journey all the way through to the other side.

In this program we go all in and don’t hold back.

I am by your side as your therapeutic coach to guide you with potent precision to ensure that the fears, anxieties and conflicts that are responsible for holding you back are dealt with. 

The program includes;

Clearance Sessions every 2 weeks

4 check in calls to use when you want

Access to online materials – an online course and fear clearance mediations

Email & video support for 3 months


Are you looking for more information about tokophobia?

Here are some of my podcasts and blogs on tokophobia…

Who’s the Tokophobia Support Group for?

Who’s the Tokophobia Support Group for?

My Tokophobia Support Group program is the group version of my Tokophobia Support Program. What is Tokophobia Support Group program? It’s an online program where I personally support you in overcoming tokophobia to that you can look forward to pregnancy and birth free...

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Overcoming Tokophobia: it IS possible!

Overcoming Tokophobia: it IS possible!

Tokophobia is the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth. It affects around 14% of women so you would think that it was reasonably well known and that help was available. But it isn't, and help or support is hard to come by. Overcoming tokophobia is the kind of thing...

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I’m scared of birth – what can I do?

I’m scared of birth – what can I do?

Feeling scared of birth is very common and is not necessarily something to worry about. It’s a time of massive change so it’s normal for us to feel fear on some level. Fear gets a bad rep, but actually it's a good thing. Our fear is alerting us to possible danger and...

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Tokophobia. Everything you need to know

Tokophobia. Everything you need to know

What is tokophobia? Tokophobia is a pathological fear of pregnancy and birth. The word comes from Greek 'tokos' meaning childbirth and 'phobos' which means fear. Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder that typically involve an intensely irrational fear of an object or...

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Thomas Verny, Father of Prenatal Psychology

Thomas Verny, Father of Prenatal Psychology

Prenatal psychology is an area of psychology that looks at the psychological changes that women go through from conception to postpartum. If you're going to better understand your fears and anxieties during pregnancy then I think understanding prenatal psychology is...

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7 signs of a woman with tokophobia

7 signs of a woman with tokophobia

How to tell if you know a woman with tokophobia Tokophobia is the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth. It’s not very well known and yet it can affect a lot of women. This extreme or pathological fear of birth is estimated to affect between 4 and 43% of women. 14% is...

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