Hello and welcome!

If you’ve arrived here then perhaps you think you suffer tokophobia, the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth.

Let me start by letting you know this: it IS possible to overcome tokophobia. I know because I did and I now help other women to do the same.

If you have tokophobia and would like to overcome it, then read on; you’re in the right place!

Are you looking for help with your tokophobia?

I offer a number of ways to help you depending on the level of support you’re looking for. From a total DIY approach – using my Head Trash Clearance Method Course – to a fully supported one-to-one relationship as your therapist, or anything in between.

Below are the ways that I can support you if you want to undertake the clearance work yourself using my online resources to help you.

Head Trash Clearance Method

Online Course

This is the fear-clearance method that I used to clear my tokophobia in around two months. Many women around the world have since used the head trash clearance method to clear their birth fears and have positive birth experiences. This course teaches you how to use the technique so that you can use it on any fears, stresses or anxieties you want to clear.

This online course enables you to do all the emotional clearance work yourself, in your own time and at your pace. The course includes;

Easy to follow step-by-step videos

Downloadable workbooks

Audios for further learning & understanding

Clearance demo video


Fearless Birthing Academy

Online Program

The Fearless Birthing Academy includes the Head Trash Clearance Method course AND several other clearance techniques to offer you more choice and flexibility. This program has been created with birth preparation in mind and shows you how to apply the clearance techniques specifically to overcoming birth fears and preparing emotionally and mentally for birth.

As well as the Head Trash Clearance Method course, this program also includes

A copy of my book, Fearless Birthing

8 masterclasses

3 x fear-clearance meditations

3 additional emotional clearance techniques

How to reduce your experience of pain

Mindset tools for boosting positivity & restoring calmness


Tokophobia Support Program

Online Program + Personal Support

The Tokophobia Support Program is a combination of the Fearless Birthing Academy and one-to-one support. It includes a special version of the Fearless Birthing Academy for tokophobic women. This means that common tokophobic triggers – such as images of pregnant women – have been removed from the material to provide a safe space for us to work together.

There is a group version of this program that runs a few times a year and you can join a waiting list to be alerted when doors open.

In addition to the Fearless Birthing Academy online course, this program also includes;

6 fear-clearance meditations in total

4 calls with Alexia 

Support, guidance & direction on your clearance journey

Email support with Alexia 

from £399

Are you looking for more information about tokophobia?

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