Planning a Family

If you’ve been dreaming about starting a family for years and finally the time is right, then this could be a super exciting time for you. You want to do everything you can to make this experience as fabulous as possible.

But if you’re filled with fear around getting pregnant or giving birth then things might not be so easy.

Whichever situation you’re in, I can help you. 

Start by reading some of the blogs or listening to the podcasts below. 

If you’re looking for more support then I also have some products and online programs that can help you. You can find out more about those below. 

And if you have any questions, just get in touch! 

Alexia xo 

Do you think you suffer from tokophobia, the extreme fear of birth and pregnancy?

Would you like to overcome it?

I’ve created an email series to help you to think through your options so that you can put your fear behind you.

  • Discover 5 ways for you to overcome tokophobia
  • Advice to help you to figure out which solution is right for you
  • PDF to help you (and your partner) better understand tokophobia
  • Information to help you decide on a way forward
  • Get access to my Tokophobia Facebook community

Products and programs for you if you’re planning a family

The Fear Clearance Starter Pack is a great start to clearing your fears and trying out my fear clearance method. I’ve compiled the Top 10 fears I come across in my work and have brought together all the fear clearance scripts together in one place. And, if you have lots of fears then upgrade for the Top 30 list! 


I’ve created meditations to help you to lose the fear and boost your positive mindset. You can choose between fear-clearance mediations or pregnancy and birth affirmations. Together, they can help you to get into a positive mindset for birth.


This is my specialist one-to-one program for women who want to conqeuer their tokophobia. It combines private calls with me with online materials to help you to put your fears behind you. It’s designed to offer you the support you need on your healing journey.


Are you planning for a family?

Here are some blogs and podcasts that you might find useful. You can find more by exploring the PLANNING category which you can find here

How my consciousness changed during my pregnancy journey

I've always been fascinated by the pregnancy journey and what it forces us as women to face up to. We are forced to confront many of our fears on the pregnancy and birth journey. Many women use this as an opportunity to do some incredible inner work to give them the...

Emetophobia, Fear of Vomit and Pregnancy

Fear of Vomit and Pregnancy: How to Navigate the Emetophobia in Preparation for Pregnancy and Parenthood Today I am diving into a topic that affects more people than you might imagine - the fear of vomit and pregnancy. The fear of being sick is also known as...

Hidden Pregnancy & Birth Trauma

The Power of Healing Your Hidden Pregnancy and Birth Trauma In this episode I explore hidden pregnancy and birth trauma. Discover how ancestral trauma can fuel fears and anxieties about pregnancy and birth, even if you've never been pregnant. I also share my personal...

Overcoming Tokophobia: Heather’s Journey from Fear to Motherhood

In this episode of the Fear Free Childbirth podcast, I chat to Heather, who shares her inspiring journey from being tokophobic to becoming a mother of two. Heather never expected to have children but decided to confront her fears for the sake of her relationship. She...