Pregnant & Prepping for Birth

If you’ve been dreaming about becoming a mama for years and now you’re pregnant, then this could be a super-exciting time for you. I bet you want to do everything you can to make this experience as fabulous as possible.

But if you’re pregnant, filled with fear and you’re dreading the birth then things might not be so easy for you.

Whichever situation you’re in, I can help you.

Start by checking out my blogs and podcasts below.

If you’re looking for more support then I also have  products and online programs that can help you.

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Alexia xo


How to feel ready and prepped for birth

(without the fear!)

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  • The 9 essential steps to prepare for a calm and confident birth
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  • 3 reasons why fear is bad if you want a pain-free birth (once you know these, you can’t ‘un-know’ them!)
  • The 3 different aspects of birth prep needed (are they all on your list?)
  • The ONE thing that is guaranteed to boost your confidence (even though it makes no sense!)

Products and programs for you if you’re pregnant and prepping for birth

The Fearless Mama Ship provides mindset support for women on the journey to motherhood. It’s ideal for those who are planning a family because you get access to all sorts of information and resources to help you prepare emotionally and practically for pregnancy, birth and motherhood.


My collection of audio meditations to help you to lose the fear and boost your positive mindset. Together, my fear-clearance mediations and pregnancy and birth affirmations can help you to get into a positive mindset for birth.


This is my specialist program for those who want to overcome tokophobia. It combines private calls with me with online materials to help you to put your fears behind you. It’s designed to offer you the support you need – at the level you need it – to overcome tokophobia.


These online birth prep classes will help you to take back control of your pregnancy so that you feel ready, prepped and empowered. These classes walk you all aspects of birth preparation so that you feel confident about your upcoming birth.


Do you think you suffer from tokophobia, the extreme fear of birth and pregnancy?

Would you like to overcome it?

I’ve created an email series to help you to think through your options so that you can put your fear behind you.

  • Discover 5 ways for you to overcome tokophobia
  • Advice to help you to figure out which solution is right for you
  • PDF to help you (and your partner) better understand tokophobia
  • Information to help you decide on a way forward
  • Get access to my Tokophobia Facebook community

Are you pregnant and preparing for the birth?

Here are some blogs and podcasts that you might find useful. You can find more by exploring the PLANNING category which you can find here