Hello and welcome!

If you’ve arrived here then perhaps you think you suffer tokophobia, the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth.

Let me start by letting you know this: it IS possible to overcome tokophobia. I know because I did, and I’ve been helping other women to conquer their tokophobia for over 8+ years.

If you have tokophobia and would like to overcome it, then read on; you’re in the right place!

Here’s how I can help you with your tokophobia…

I offer a number of ways to help you depending on the level of support you’re looking for.

From a total DIY approach – using my Fear Clearance Pack – to a fully supported one-to-one relationship as your therapeutic coach.

If you want to overcome tokophobia using my unique method and approach, below are the ways that I can support you.

This starter pack is ideal if you want to tackle clearing your fears yourself, and try out using my fear clearance method, Head Trash Clearance. I’ve identified the top 30 fears I come across with my Tokophobia clients and have compiled the fear clearance scripts you need.

This comprehensive online course will help you to identify your fears and anxieties and then teach you how to clear them. You will also learn how to prepare emotionally and mentally for birth. Includes plenty of DIY tools and resources to ensure you get the results you want.

My most popular one-to-one program for those wanting my support in conquering tokophobia. This 5-week program includes online resoures, personal calls and private messaging support, so that you are totally supported on your healing journey.

An extended in-depth program for those who want a higher level of private support in overcoming their deepest and darkest fears and anxieties. This 3-month program includes Deep Dive Clearance Sessions, as well as online resources for the ultimate healing experience.

Alexia has helped me in spades to overcome my tokophobia.

I didn’t realize when I started working with her just how much my fear of pregnancy and childbirth were not just affecting my relationship with myself, my body, and my husband, but also my relationship to life. I was becoming smaller and smaller every day, retracting from all facets of my life, allowing fear to consume me and keeping me from moving forward.

Alexia helped me see how it all is connected and through my work with her, she has created an upward spiral in my energy and love for life. She works with the shadowed underbelly of your deepest fears; or rather, she makes the fears work for you by showing you what they are trying to teach you. She has figured out that using the opposite of each of these fears, dissolves them and neutralizes their behavior in your head.

Her head trash clearance method has helped me deeply face down these demons and has strengthened me to my core, causing me to go to bed every night excited to wake up in the morning and face whatever comes my way: pregnancy or otherwise.

Very glad that I worked with her and she comes with my highest recommendation!


Life-transforming! ☆☆☆☆☆

Hand on my heart, this podcast changed the course of my life! I’m eternally grateful to Alexia for the incredible work that she does, helping women bust their birth fears and normalising the experience of pregnancy.

Through this podcast I discovered Alexia’s Tokophobia Support course which allowed me overcome my extreme fear of birth in 3 weeks!

As a result, I’m a happier, stronger, calmer and more resilient woman:)

Whether you’re planning to get pregnant or are an expecting/new mum, you have to drink from this source of inspiration, enlightenment and wisdom!


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