I can help you to put tokophobia behind you so that you can…

Feel calm at the thought of pregnancy or birth

Decide once and for all whether you will commit to parenthood

Enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to meeting your baby

Clearing deep fears and phobias IS possible.

It can happen VERY quickly under my guidance.

It IS possible to put tokophobia behind you.

For good.

I used to have tokophobia and know what it’s like. Feeling isolated, alone and like no-one understands how you feel. I get it.

Being surrounded by pregnancy announcements and families with kids can wear you down. These daily reminders combined with the sense that ‘my time is running out’ can make you anxious and panicky.

And, hardly anyone has even heard of tokophobia! This can make it hard to find someone who understands and it can all feel quite hopeless.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve figured out how to overcome tokophobia. Apparently it can’t be done, but I missed that memo. I did it for myself and have helped others do it.

People always ask me how long it will take to overcome their tokophobia and I’d love to be able to answer them but I can’t.

Some women I’ve worked with have overcome it in a few weeks while others have taken months. It depends on what’s going on for you emotionally, and how much time and effort you put into the process

This is why I offer TWO OPTIONS;

Tokophobia Support Program

This 5-week program will help you to kick-start your journey in overcoming tokophobia. A lot of people who start this program are able to overcome their tokophobia during our time together.

But some people need more; more time or more support.

Fearful to Fearless

This is a 3-month intensive program in which I guide you along you fear-clearance journey all the way through to the other side.

In this program we go all in and don’t hold back.


The Tokophobia Support Program

Once you join the Tokophobia Support Program, you’ll gain immediate access to my specialist online fear-clearance program and all my fear-clearance meditations.

This means you can start clearing your fears straightaway!

You also will receive some prep work to help you get ready for our first call. This prep work will also help me to plan the clearance work that needs to be done.

Then, during our calls and I will guide and support you as you let go of your fears.

During our time together, I will …

Help you to unravel your tokophobia so that you’re super clear on what is making YOU experience tokophobia

Teach you powerful clearance techniques so that you can ditch the unhelpful patterns that are contributing to your tokophobia

Identify your fear-clearance to-do list so that you just have to work through your list methodically one by one. EASY!

Help you to reduce the stress, anxiety and depression in your life that might be feeding your tokophobia

I’m not going to lie to you, not everyone finds this journey easy.

Many women put off doing this because their fears scare them… because their anxiety is getting the better of them.

Don’t let that be you. You’ll only wish you started sooner.

That’s why I want to be here to hold your hand…


Overcoming tokophobia takes focussed effort. Your fears aren’t going to go away on their own.

But that’s OK because I give you all the instructions and tools you need to do the job. All you need to do is show up and do the work. And to make sure you do, I’ll be there to kick your butt (in a nice way obvs).

I know this program works because I’ve based it on the exact same process I went through to clear my own tokophobia during my first pregnancy. 

Today most of my clients clear their tokophobia in around a month… like Nicole and Busari, who share their journey of overcoming tokophobia in the videos below.

YouTube video

My tokophobia support program will help you to…

Clear Your Fears

Fear is a huge part of tokophobia and you will learn how to bat your fears away for good, whatever they are. What you’ll learn will help you in other aspects of your life, because fear is everywhere, right?

Get Clarity

Get clear on what is responsible for you experiencing tokophobia and how to put a stop to it. Finally makes sense of WHY you’re experiencing this and have a plan that you can believe in for getting over it.

Build Emotional Resilience

Tokophobia is often a huge source of stress and anxiety, particularly in relationships. This program will show you how to build your emotional strength so that you can not only clear your fears but also deal with your life stresses and anxieties.

What’s included in the TOKOPHOBIA SUPPORT PROGRAM?

Calls with Me

This is where you get the chance to explore and better understand your fears so that we can clear them. If you’re struggling or getting stuck, then this is where I help you get going again and give you the support you need.


Tokophobia Clarity Prep Work

When you join, you will receive your Tokophobia Session Prep Book that will help you to prepare for our work together. This will help you to start getting clear on the nature of your tokophobia and it will guide you on your fear-clearance journey.

This prep work will also help me to identify what your fear-clearance list looks like (see next).

Your Personal Fear-Clearance To-do List

Once you’ve completed your prep work, I will review it to identify those things that you need to clear. I will provide this to you during our first call together and it will be your personal roadmap to free yourself from your tokophobia.

As we work together, I will guide you on how best to work through this for best results.

Fear-clearance meditations x 5

You will have immediate access to 5 x fear clearance meditations that will help you to clear things like a fear of childbirth, fear of pain, fear of needles and injections, fear of losing control and fear of losing dignity.

These fear-clearance meditations mean that you can make a start with your clearance as soon as you join. No need to learn anything, just download and listen!

Fearless Birthing Online Course

You receive immediate access to the tokophobia version of Fearless Birthing, which is my online course for women who want to clear their pregnancy birthing fears, reduce their anxiety and have a positive birth.

It includes video masterclasses, audios, and PDF downloads to help you on your fear clearance journey including detailed step-by-step instructions on how to carry out fear-clearance on your own fears using the Head Trash Clearance Method™.

Fearless Birthing book

You will receive a copy of my book Fearless Birthing: Clear Your Fears For A Positive Birth when you join.

One Amazon reviewer says “I genuinely cannot recommend this book enough. I spent years with what I can only describe as a deep-rooted fear of pregnancy and birth. Alexia and this book has helped me immeasurably. I had tried to many things but this was the breakthrough I needed. You have to put the work in but Alexia does guide you through everything very clearly.”

Inside the Tokophobia Support Program

Let me tell you more about what you can expect to find inside the Tokophobia Support Program…

UK Pounds £ USD $

Tokophobia Support

One-to-one Program



  • Tokophobia Clarity Prep Work
  • Tokophobia Support Program Online Course
  • Head Trash Clearance Method course
  • 5 x fear clearance meditations
  • Personal Tokophobia Clearance Plan
  • Lifetime access to online resources
  • Unlimited email support for two months
  • 5 x 45-minute PRIVATE calls
  • Payment plan available (3 payments of £350 or $445)

Would you like more support?

Take a look at my Fearful to Fearless program. This is a 3-month intensive program in which I guide you along you fear-clearance journey all the way through to the other side.

In this program we go all in and don’t hold back. MORE time together. LONGER sessions. MORE in-depth support. 


Are you going to continue letting time go by – your body clock ticking louder – and risk the chance of leaving it TOO LATE, or do you want to get this sorted?

Why you’ll love the Tokophobia Support Program

Build your emotional strength and feel stronger

Tokophobia is often accompanied by anxiety. In fact anxiety can feed your tokophobia and stop you from overcoming it. So tackling any anxiety you have will make a huge difference, not only to your tokophobia, but to your day-to-day experience of life. 

I will teach you how to master the Head Trash Clearance Method™ so that you’re able to eliminate your fears and anxieties easily and quickly.  

This program will build your emotional strength which will make you feel calmer, stronger and better able to cope. Not just with pregnancy and birth related experiences, but with life in general. 

Feel supported and connected to people who understand

Tokophobia can make you feel isolated and alone because no-one appears to understand how you feel. Just being able to share how you feel with others who ‘get it’ can be a huge relief. 

When you sign up to the Tokophobia Support Program, I am there for you. You can message me any time to let me know how you’re getting on or if you’re struggling. Not everyone finds it easy to overcome their fears, and that’s why I’m here to hold your hand. 

You also get access to the Tokophobia Support Program Community so that you can connect with others who are on a similar path and who want to overcome it like you. You can be inspired by others in the community who have already overcome it and this can keep you going. Of course, I’m always there to spur you on too. 

Read what others have to say…

Alexia has helped me in spades to overcome my tokophobia.

I didn't realize when I started working with her just how much my fear of pregnancy and childbirth were not just affecting my relationship with myself, my body, and my husband, but also my relationship to life. I was becoming smaller and smaller every day, retracting from all facets of my life, allowing fear to consume me and keeping me from moving forward.

Alexia helped me see how it all is connected and through my work with her, she has created an upward spiral in my energy and love for life. She works with the shadowed underbelly of your deepest fears; or rather, she makes the fears work for you by showing you what they are trying to teach you. She has figured out that using the opposite of each of these fears, dissolves them and neutralizes their behavior in your head.

Her head trash clearance method has helped me deeply face down these demons and has strengthened me to my core, causing me to go to bed every night excited to wake up in the morning and face whatever comes my way: pregnancy or otherwise.

Very glad that I worked with her and she comes with my highest recommendation!


Life-transforming! ☆☆☆☆☆

Hand on my heart, this podcast changed the course of my life! I’m eternally grateful to Alexia for the incredible work that she does, helping women bust their birth fears and normalising the experience of pregnancy.

Through this podcast I discovered Alexia’s Tokophobia Support course which allowed me overcome my extreme fear of birth in 3 weeks!

As a result, I’m a happier, stronger, calmer and more resilient woman:)

Whether you’re planning to get pregnant or are an expecting/new mum, you have to drink from this source of inspiration, enlightenment and wisdom!


Every time I used to think about being pregnant, I’d have a panic attack. Now I can visualize it without a physical, visceral reaction.

I was so tokophobic that my husband and I were trying to pursue adoption, which unfortunately is a bit of a nightmare in America. Thousands of dollars later we had nothing to show but heartbreak and resentment, and abandoned that route. Seeing my husband, whom I love dearly, struggle to grapple with the possibility of never being a father made me realize I had to address my fears, or risk missing out on an amazing opportunity to be parents together.

So many resources address this by telling you all the worst things that can happen. This is not helpful for me! I LIVE in that space – I really didn’t need more fear or horror stories or worst-case scenarios. I love that your approach is super positive without being unrealistic.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am now open and receptive to the possibility of carrying our child – and dare I say, a tiny itty bit excited at the prospect of welcoming our child into the world someday.


I was crippled over tokophobia. It had hijacked my goals in life, which had been to try to become a parent someday. I had had it for years since preadolescence, ever since I had learned about where babies come from. I wanted to be ready for when the time came to start a family someday.

I would absolutely recommend Alexia’s program to other women with tokophobia; if it can help alleviate my deeply-rooted fears with pregnancy, it could certainly help someone else! I feel less freaked out by pregnancy and definitely acknowledge this is a natural process that our bodies are well conditioned and equipped to do which I hadn’t felt before.

I think that anyone with specific fears that hinder them from living their lives to their fullest potential can benefit from this program. They need to know that it is possible to face your fears head-on, neutralize them and obliterate them. I honestly couldn’t believe it!

I figured I would need months or years to undo these deep-seated fears of mine, but in applying Alexia’s techniques that was not my case at all. I love the videos, materials, and podcasts!

They are a brilliant and helpful resource which you can access anytime and anywhere. The group calls were flexible and easy and the website is a treasure trove of information and extremely helpful in working to overcome my fears. I still use the podcasts and browse the website for videos though whenever I need touch-ups.


From visceral, deep-rooted fear to elation!

It seems impossible to even imagine that I used to be completely engulfed by tokophobia – an extreme fear of birthing – that would cause me to get nauseous, tighten up and cry when watching even a short clip of another woman having a baby, let alone the very idea of going into labour myself. Neither rationalising my phobia nor educating myself about the birthing process would lessen tokophobia’s grip. I felt doomed, helpless and ashamed of being this way until taking part in Alexia Leachman’s Tokophobia Webinar gave me hope.

Fast forward less than a week, and I was enrolled in her group course “Tokophobia Support” which gave me access to excellent online resources, as well as, most importantly, weekly group calls and continuous guidance and encouragement from Alexia.

I dived into very challenging yet satisfying work, desperate for at least some respite from being tokophobic. The pre-recorded clearance meditations shook me to the depth of my being, left me soaked in tears and absolutely exhausted as the toxic emotions were leaving my body, yet brought immediate relief and clarity. I began to unravel the tight knot of traumas, fears and beliefs that I had about birth and was able to create my own meditations to tackle the above one by one. Incredibly,

I started to get a little buzz out of those sessions that would then lighten me up, energise me and give me a completely new perspective on some very touchy subjects.

Three weeks in and I was clear of tokophobia! Even during the first week of coaching, I was able to walk through a maternity clothing shop without holding my breath, come to a prenatal yoga class and begin to embrace the changes happening to my over-12-weeks pregnant body. My whole experience shifted dramatically toward genuine curiosity, gratitude and elation!

I now feel that I am the mother my baby needs me to be – strong, resilient, positive and, above all, caring and loving. Who would have thought that I could feel genuinely excited about the Big Day and look forward to bringing my sweet little baby into the world?!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Alexia!


Since getting married recently I have been in a real dilemma about having children due to the terror I felt around pregnancy and childbirth which I’ve had for as long as I can remember.

Before working with Alexia I always felt that I just didn’t like children but as my husband was really keen to start a family I was trying to uncover whether I really didn’t want a family or if this was just my fear talking. I’ve always felt too embarrassed to tell anyone about this as it made me feel stupid, as if there was something wrong with me.

I felt so alone with this fear on top of the decision I had to make and time ticking by so when I came across Alexia’s book ‘Fearless Birthing’ and her podcasts I felt like I’d finally found someone who understood exactly what was in my head. I decided to work with Alexia because I felt like I wouldn’t be seen as crazy, that she understood tokophobia – it was as if bits of her book were written about me!

Having completed the Tokophobia program I finally feel as if I am not alone. The group support from the others made me feel so much better, just hearing that there were others who shared and understood my fears was invaluable.

I have to admit, that being an extremely logical, sceptical person, I was very hesitant to sign up to the course and even when practising the techniques that Alexia shares, I really could not understand how they were working, only that they did work to my amazement. I would never have advocated this type of approach before trying it myself but I have to admit I was wrong. Although I am still not pregnant and have not quite reached the last hurdle yet of overcoming my phobia of childbirth itself, I am so much further along the road than I was when I started 4 weeks ago.

Given that I have had this my whole life and been in therapy for a lot longer than 4 weeks in the past I am extremely happy with my progress so far (as is my husband who says it’s the best money we have ever spent. He has noticed a visible difference in me, I’m so much calmer and sleeping better as a result of the work so far).

This is because the techniques Alexia shares have stopped my head churning so much. I used to waken in the middle of the night with panic attacks due to how overwhelmed I felt thinking about having children. I can confirm that I have not felt like this since starting the program which is a huge relief to me.

There are so many people online offering ‘magical cures’ and it’s hard to know who to believe. All I can tell you is that I am a psychotherapist and am used to working with people with phobias in a completely different way to Alexia so I took a chance on this program but I am so, so glad I did.

Alexia is the most genuine, interested and helpful therapist and coach because she cuts right to the heart of the issue to get the best results.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this course if you are willing to follow the program and put in the work, Alexia will be there to support and offer excellent, relevant guidance throughout.

I very much appreciated her quick responses as I think working solely online, can sometimes leave you feeling a little disconnected, however I felt as if I knew Alexia very quickly as she was always on hand to offer encouragement and suggestions from her vast knowledge of overcoming Tokophobia.

It may seem like a big investment but it’s actually very reasonable in terms of how much you can spend on therapy over the course of months or years and I can’t put a price on the peace of mind I have gained and the sense of mastery over something I initially thought was incurable.

As a true sceptic, and someone with the most overwhelming fear of pregnancy and birth, this is most certainly money well spent.

[UPDATE: Heather decided to try for a baby 3 months later, and was pregnant 7 months later. She’s about to give birth to her second baby]



I have known for a long time that I had tokophobia. I knew I wanted a family but couldn’t think about being pregnant without having strong anxiety and panic attacks. I was petrified of being pregnant. I can only describe it as a crazy hurricane in my head whenever I thought about pregnancy.

I did a lot of research and there is not a lot of information about treatment options on the NHS websites. I found Alexia’s website and did a lot of reading here, joined the Facebook group and booked a call with Alexia. It was lovely to chat with her, she really understood what I was saying and I thought this really is worth a go!

I found it really easy and lovely to work with Alexia and we uncovered things I was anxious about that I could have never thought I would be anxious about. I found the methods really easy to use, and Alexia was really helpful in guiding me with this.

I noticed I was starting to feel calmer and more relaxed when thinking about pregnancy.

The craziness has gone and I feel calm. I feel excited now to think about my future with a family and even excited to be trying for a pregnancy. I found the resources on the website really helpful and the head trash clearance technique easy to follow.

I am really glad I started to work with Alexia, I feel in such a better place now.


I had tokophobia all my life and didn’t realize how bad it was until I got pregnant. I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t eat and life felt overwhelming and miserable. By the time I was in my second trimester my fears took control and ran the show. I had gigantic fears surrounding labor and knew I had to do something about it before I went into labor.

I don’t know what I would have done without Alexia’s program!

Before doing it, I dreaded my pregnancy and the day of labor every day. It felt like such an overwhelming burden and there were so many things I had no clue about because it was my first pregnancy.

After Alexia’s program my whole world went from total dread to empowerment and JOY! I honestly can’t believe it! I am actually enjoying being pregnant and thanks to Alexia’s research and tools I have a thorough birth plan and all the information I could need at my fingertips!

By the time I was done with the program I was in control of my fears instead of my fears taking control over me. I feel so empowered by Alexia’s work, she gave me the tools I needed to face my fears head on and the support I also needed to really get there, I couldn’t have faced that intensity alone.

Alexia had every tool I needed to help me clear my fears and now I can actually enjoy my pregnancy instead of dreading it every day like I was! This program truly delivers and my biggest regret is not doing this work sooner. I wish I had cleared my fears with Alexia before I got pregnant! I am astounded by how deeply her work has touched my life and cleared my fears. I don͛’t know what I would have done without this.

I am amazed at the resources Alexia provides; it’s like she did all the research I don’t have time to do cuz I’m pregnant and has it all there ready for me. If you have fears around pregnancy don’t run away!



Are there any guarantees with this program?

No. Not in terms of guaranteeing that you will definitely overcome your tokophobia.

There are no guarantees when it comes to matters of the mind and mental health and for me to make any guarantees would be highly suspicious but also unethical.

This program requires effort on your part, and that’s something that I cannot put a guarantee on.

What I can guarantee is that the techniques you will learn have successfully been used to banish tokophobia, anxiety and deep levels of fear in others for many years.

I can also guarantee that I will be fully committed to you during our time together and will support you in any way I can.

Are there any refunds – what if I don’t like it?

No refunds. You decide if you want to do this and then you commit.

You can get a sense of my philosophy, methods and approach through my podcast, my books and free videos on YouTube and Facebook.

If you don’t think we’ll be a good fit together then please do not book.

How much time do I need to put aside each week to take part in this program and get results?

The online program includes lots of videos and audios so you will need time to watch these at first to familiarise yourself with the clearance methods.

Then you will need to put time aside each week for your fear clearance. How much time depends on how many fears you need to address.

Typically, people spend an hour doing clearance around 3 times a week. Some do much more, some do less.

Those that do the most are the ones who overcome their tokophobia in our time together. I would recommend planning to spend 6 hours a week on this program.

I take medication for my anxiety, is this program for me?

It is possible that the anxiety could be feeding your tokophobia, so I would recommend tackling the anxiety before seeking to address the tokophobia.

Having said that I realise that sometimes the tokophobia is a contributory factor in anxiety. This program can help you to reduce your anxiety (and many people experince this as part of this program) but that is not the focus of this program.

Clearing anxiety AND tokophobia is simply a bigger emotional clear-out job so it’s unlikely that we will get the chance to get the anxiety AND the tokophobia cleared in the time we have.

It’s important to note that some medications dull the emotions and so this can make it hard to connect with the very emotions we’re trying to clear. The numbing effect of some medications might mean that the clearance work we do as part of this program is less effective. 

I would recommed that you seek medical advice from your healthcare provider to find out whether doing this kind of clearance work would be suitable for you.

UK Pounds £ USD $

Tokophobia Support

One-to-one Program



  • Tokophobia Clarity Prep Work
  • Tokophobia Support Program Online Course
  • Head Trash Clearance Method course
  • 5 x fear clearance meditations
  • Personal Tokophobia Clearance Plan
  • Lifetime access to online resources
  • Unlimited email support for two months
  • 5 x 45-minute PRIVATE calls
  • Payment plan available (3 payments of £350 or $445)

Would you like more support?

Take a look at my Fearful to Fearless program. This is a 3-month intensive program in which I guide you along you fear-clearance journey all the way through to the other side. 

In this program we go all in and don’t hold back. MORE time together. MORE in-depth support.


About Me

Hi, I’m Alexia and I used to be tokophobic, although I never knew it had a name back then.

When I first found out I was pregnant, the shock of it made me sick. The thought of having a thing wriggling around inside me made me think of the film Aliens and I couldn’t even contemplate the thought of me giving birth. The only option as I saw it was to have a c-section.

When I miscarried a few weeks later I was relieved. It was then that I realised that what I was feeling wasn͛’t right and that I had a boatload of head trash. Head trash that I didn’t want. (Head trash is the name I give to negative thoughts, feelings and emotions; basically, all those fears, anxieties, stresses that take up head space and that mess up your life).

Looking back I realise I was gripped with massive anxiety and stress that was off the scale. After my miscarriage, I focused my attention on tackling my anxiety and the stresses in my life with the Head Trash Clearance Method. By the time I was pregnant again, I didn’t feel as numb about being pregnant, but I still felt hugely fearful about birth. I also couldn’t handle seeing other women’s bumps, which I knew was going to cause me problems of my own as my bump would grow.

In my first trimester, I planned for a c-section because there was no way I could imagine it any other way. In my second trimester, I learned about the link between fear and pain in birth; fear CREATES pain when it comes to childbirth. This gave me an idea; if I could clear my fears, then it wouldn’t be painful (great theory, right??) So I decided to give it a go using the Head Trash Clearance Method.

By month 8 I was a different woman and I decided to ditch the c-section plan in favour of a home birth. I was excited and I couldn’t wait to meet my baby, and as it turned out my birth was an incredible experience that I will treasure for always (and pain-free!).

Four years later when I was pregnant again, I had a whole new load of fears and stresses. So I cleared all my new fears and went on to have an even more amazing birth; quick, painless and euphoric. When my second baby was a few weeks old, I received lots of emails from women I didn’t even know asking me how I did it. They were scared too.

It was only then that I realised that the fears that I had experienced weren’t just me being a weirdo. LOTS of women have them! And they wanted help. I also discovered that this thing I had, had a name: tokophobia. So I decided to write a book sharing how I did it, and I also started a podcast to get my message out there. The Fear Free Childbirth podcast has now been downloaded over 575,000 times in over 180 countries and I get emails every day from women telling me how my fear clearance method is helping them to overcome their pregnancy and childbirth fears.

But the thing is, for some tokophobic women things are different. Their fears are OFF THE SCALE scary for them and the thought of working on clearing them on their own is just too scary. They need someone to hold their hand along the path. They need support! So, that’s why I created the Tokophobia Support Program.

Let me hold your hand as you take the journey in letting go of your fears. You don’t have to do this alone. Join me and – if you want – a group of other women who are in a similar place to you and let’s do this together.

I just want to say HOW THANKFUL I AM for what you are doing!!!

I struggled with tokophobia and am currently almost 6 months pregnant and I don’t know where I would be without you.

Seriously I can’t thank you enough!


I want to THANK YOU so much!

I admit when I first discovered I was pregnant, I started to think about the birth and anxiety flooded me.

But the closer I got to the actual birth day, the anxiety just left me and is now pretty much completely gone. I can honestly say I’m entering into my final weeks of pregnancy fear free.